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Web marketers spending on SEM

Internet Retailer reports that retailers are spending more on pay-per-click marketing and natural search engine optimization. 67.4% of marketers claim that search engine marketing performs better than other forms of marketing, including e-marketing, affiliate marketing, and direct mail. Among the respondents to the Internet Retailer study, natural search engine optimization seems to yield higher conversion rates than paid search.

In an effort to find more customers for their business, many business owners start advertising campaigns in Internet.

The measurement seems to be shifting toward natural search engine optimization. A mix of both tactics seems to be the right approach for many companies. Optimizing for natural results is the prudent approach for core keywords, while paid search can supplement these results for keywords and phrases that are related to the core keywords. Regardless of the approach, customers clearly do not ignore paid search ads (”sponsored listings”), and as we learned in last year, ranking in the top three natural results is critical as these links are most often clicked.

At last no matter how many visitors you get, but how many of them will become customers and how many will just close the web page.So don't increase only traffic. Increase targetted traffic with A business
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