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It’s worth taking the time to make your site more search engine friendly, because some simple changes may pay off with big results. Even if you don’t come up in the top ten for your target keywords, you may find an improvement for target keywords you aren’t anticipating. The addition of just one extra word can suddenly make a site appear more relevant, and it can be impossible to guess what that word will be.

Also, remember that while search engines are a first way people look for web sites, but they are not the only way. People also find sites through word-of-mouth, traditional advertising, the traditional media, newsgroup postings, web directories and links from other sites. Many times, these alternative forms are far more effective draws than are search engines.

Finally, know when it’s time to call it quits. A few changes may be enough to make you tops in one or two search engines. But that’s not enough for some people, and they will invest days creating special pages and changing their sites to try and do better. This time could usually be put to better use pursuing non-search engine publicity methods.

Don’t obsess over your ranking. Even if you follow every tip and find no improvement, you still have gained something. You will know that search engines are not the way you’ll be attracting traffic. You can concentrate your efforts in more productive areas, rather than wasting your valuable time.
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Sector 5 policy reasons

I have a question about a problem I am having with using gmail to send mails. No matter what I do, if I send it to more emails at a time, it gets rejected for "sector 5 policy reasons".

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification
Error message:

Technical details of permanent failure:
PERM_FAILURE: Message rejected for Sector 5 policy reasons

I know the limit used to be 200 to 250 a day.So I am using other SMTP services But also there are a lot of delivery Failure Notice with the same reason.Also This error is generated by messages sent to ANYWHERE... IncludingHotmail...
when sending an email from Outlook/ Outlook Express using the one other smtp server i get this error whenever i send an email to some domain that is not on my server:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification
Error message:

553 sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.7.1)

I can't find anything about Sector 5. I can't find any way to contact Google.Can anyone suggest me???????

Link Exchange Tips

To bring your site in top ranking in search engines your site should have link popularity. Most of the seo experts rank well their web sites in major search engines Due to Link Exchange and other offpage optimization. But in all these factors Link popularity takes a major role. Here are some seo tips tricks and techniques for link exchange, now it is your time to do that…….

Link exchanging tips :---

You should always try to exchange link with thematic website so that your web site can get more valuable and huge traffic. If you are getting valuable traffic your website page rank will boost the reason is that visitor will devote some times if your site content good and you offering his desired services and solutions.

Your anchor text shoud be a meaningful with short so that visitor could easy get an quick idea about your website.

When you exchange links with other site always remind that description should be good and meaningful. So that visitor should know what solutions and services you are offering, it may be seo tips, seo services and internet marketing services etc.

Always try to exchange links with quality link partners it means their web site should have a greater page rank and as well as good ranking. As the search engines rely on quality linking so it plays a very important role in search engine optimization.

Always try to monitor all your partners' website whether they are loyal or not. It has been seen that most of the webmaster normally remove links from their site to increase the number of one way link or inbound links. It will result in increase their ranking but results in decrease in your website ranking. You should always remind not to remove your partner's links from your site.

Be aware from fraud. There are many sites which free for all links program. Their aim is fraud and fraud, they takes your email and address that results in spam mails in your inbox.

It is also to be noticed that link partner’s web page should be linked with the home page of your site. Otherwise it is not worthy.

Don't request for link exchange if your website is under construction as many webmaster don't accepts these kinds of link exchanging request.

If you have offering those sites who offering lots of services and many products then make proper category for that so that ypur should be listed in their respective and relative category.

Don't make all world of your link text capital.

Don't try to show off and make false statements about your web site popularity, your link popularity and other major factors.

Keep try to update you self with new seo tips tricks and techniques, Search engines updates and latest seo tips and guidelines. Updating is the only secret to be a seo expert.

The Art of Blogging

A blog is a shortened word for the term web log। Many people use blogs to keep notes of a log of their websites progress as it is built, however many people use blogs for different reasons।Some people use blogs as an online journal and they write about all sorts of things that are going on in their personal lives।
Most blog services are very user friendly. If you can run simple programs such as MSWord or Word Perfect then you have the knowledge to maintain your own blog. There's no need to even have html knowledge. In essence, anyone can have his or her own blog.

Bloggers are often looking for ways to increase traffic to their sites। There are several ways to go about doing this. Optimizing for the search engines, buying advertising, submitting posts to search engines, and article syndication are all ways that bloggers can gain traffic.
If you search the web you will find lots of blogs। Blogs are now used by many as a source of promoting their own business. This is a non traditional method of promoting your business online. If you want to excel at blogging, you need to refresh its content every day. The material you enter on your blog should be of good quality. Only then will it be able to serve the purpose of promotion. Like the other social media, blogging is extensively done by internet marketers. This is known as business blogging. Good quality blogs ensure more visitors to your web site.

I didn’t start this article with the intention of sharing so many of my feelings about blogging, so I apologize if I’ve rambled a bit, but I hope this helps similar people who are going through the same stumbling blocks, of trying to start blogging and finding their way through।
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Alexa Link Train

Alexa Link Train

From last few month bloggers are trying new methods to improve their blog rankings by running different link trains.Now they are running Alexa train successfully . This trains provides one one the best part of bloggers journey which is know as good Alexa ranking numbers . So if you want to improve your Alexa ranking just get linked or take your seat in it by linking others . I saw this train on Nirmal blog and booked on seat for me . Here is the list of my blogs running this train just go and join them and make new friends .

Do you notice at times that when you click on a link of a blog it shows redirect..., usually it is to increase their AlexaRanks. Add this to however you're marketing your blog like Forum signatures. and each time someone click it apparently increases your stats.

Here is an example this is the alexa redirect address for my blog:Now it works by adding a link like this

Alexa Redirect for Deepak Seo Tips
Alexa Redirect for Deepak Joke
Alexa Redirect for Health Terms
Alexa Redirect for Deepak Seo Tips

If anyone want to be the part of my Alexa train just drop one comment or email I will post your link also .

happy Linking

Copyright Policy

Hi everyone, just to let you all know I’ve started some blogs. Before 6 Month Ago.

All are fully moderated by Deepak Shrivastava.

You are most welcome to repost a short part of our content and link back to us.Please do NOT copy the whole post. A short paragraph with content in quotes seems reasonable. You need to link back to the article from which you derived the excerpt if you copied whole article.

If you want to post your articles on my blogs write about yourself with a short desciption and send it to my email and I’ll post it in that blog.This would hopefully increase your Google Pagerank, AlexaRanks and drive more traffic to your website. So if anyone is interested please email me with my contact page.

Some of the images and contents posted on this blog series have been taken out of the searches from various search engines as google and yahoo and the credit goes to the respective author and owner of that particular image and post.

You can be reach me at my email id and I'll post it in that blog.

Happy Blogging

Keyword Frequecy

Keyword Frequecy

The number of occurences of a key word or phrase in a document.Keyword Frequency Denotes how often a keyword appears in a page or in an area of a page. In general, higher the number of times a keyword appears in a page, higher its search engine ranking. However, repeating a keyword too often in a page can lead to that page being penalized for spamming.

Keywords are the prime factor in optimization and since there could be lot of keywords for a webpage.Developers apply the most relevant search engine optimization tools to your website business. Part of this process involves proper Keyword Frequency.

Some SEO’s suggest that a keyword density of 5 – 7% for a single or two word keyword combo is ideal, but a simple way of tackling this issue is just to ensure that your most important phrases appear 3 or 4 times on a page for which you are optimising against that phrase.Also, do not try to “hide” text on your page and placing the text on the same colour as the background. Google and other SE can be penalized this process.

Search engine friendly algorithm that is chalked full of relevant keywords to ensure the user experience is exceptional. These techniques create more traffic which allows for a greater web presence. This web presence created by proper Keyword Frequency will most assuredly generate the traffic and business that you need to make the money you want.

Off page Optimization

Off page Optimization

Directory Submission- Submit your site in most popular free directory only.Directory submissions are a good way to build link popularity which will help your Web site rank higher in the search engines.
Article Submission- Article Submission is very important for Search Engine Optimization. By these articles submission you can get a high Page rank one way link instantly, These article submission websites are basically free of cost apart from some paid Directories. Submit unique articles in popular articles site like Buzzle and Ezinearticles. This is the better way to get natural links.
Link exchange- I know that you are familiar with this word. Exchange links from other well page ranked and relevant web sites. Always believe in quality link exchange not it quantity link exchange.
Craete Blogs- Create blogs for increase web presence and link popularity of web site.Update it regular with some quality articles.
Post Comment- Leave your comments with site URL in google chat forum and most popular blogs.
RSS feeds- step by step walk through of creating an RSS feed. RSS feed creators provide content without forcing it on consumers.submit rss feeds for better web present and to get more traffic on your site.
Quality inbound links- Increase quality inbound links.
Press Releases- it an effective way to increase the web site traffic and leads.

There are a lot of websites who offer free press release submission, submit news articles and PR Press release distribution service, total free of charge plus no login before submission.

Make Money by Signature

Make Money by Signature

"A signature is a short paragraph of the text that we place at the end of our message.It should be 5-6 lines long and contain our contact details with a brief summary. It is an automated addition of a few lines at the foot of message.These usually consist of the sender's adress, Full name and other details."
Make Money by selling a link in a forum signature is not a dream but a new business. Everytime you answer a thread in a forum or open a new thread, you are allowed (not in all forums) to leave a signature. By doing so you are not only getting backlinks to the websites you add to your signature but also direct traffic from people that click on the links. Just immagine you have 1000 posts in a forum, this would mean that all the links in your signature would be on 1000 on different forum pages.
Leaving links in a signature is thought to get visitors to the websites you list there instead of backlinks. On high traffic forums these links can bring a fair amount of visitors and that’s why people started to sell a “spot” in their signature for a monthly fee. The length of a signature is limited and it varies from forum to forum.I saw in many forums , where people were selling a link in their signature.

Tips for Successful Blog

Tips for a Successful Blog

1. Posting New Blog Entries Regularly
2. Choose Good headline! for your posts
3. Get some deep Backlink

1) Posting New Blog Entries Regularly. At least once a week.In some cases it might be impossible for you to update your blog once a day or even once a week, however if you want to drive a lot of traffic to your blog and also generate some revenue you should make it one of the primary activities of your day.

2) Choose search engine friendly and Good headline! for your posts. While the first tip is something that most bloggers try to follow, this is one that many of them often forget about. Many of my articles are ranking on the first page of Google’s search results for certain keywords. I always try to repeat the keywords I’m using in the title also inside the content. This makes the title relevant to the content and makes the whole post search engine friendly. I also try to use terms that are not used by all the other bloggers. If you are going to write an article about “Adsense tips”, for example, don’t name it only “Best Adsense Tips” but use a more original title. Try to find some other relevant keywords you can easily insert in the title and repeat those keywords inside the content.

3) Get some Inbound links!. If you write interesting articles, other bloggers will link to your content and you will achieve some backlinks. These backlinks are very useful because they’re “deeplinks” (if another blogger writes about one of your articles, he will probably link to the article URL). To boost your search engine rankings you could also buy some links (with the anchor text you want to rank high) from websites that are content related to yours. Do not attempt to join “link farms” or even participate in reciprocal link exchanges.

Keyword Analysis Tools

As I mentioned Keyword is the Key for Traffic in my earlier some post, Here are my picks for the Top Web Based Keyword Tools….

1) Google Adwords Tool
2) Yahoo Overture Tool
3) SEO Book Keyword Tool
4) McDar Keyword Analysis Tool
5) Keyword Popularity Tool
6) Check Rankings Keyword Popularity and Keyword Market Rank Tool
7) Word Tracker Keyword Suggestion Tool

These tools will provide you with a set of keywords and key phrases that web users usually search on the Net and details about how many websites use the said key phrases.
If you have some other good tools then simply mail me at .I will add in my list.
Deepak Shrivastava

Affiliate Marketing

Recent times we have seen a major increase in people looking for work from home opportunities. There really is a genuine home business That’s called Affiliate marketing. The benefits of affiliate marketing are many. It is a low risk business with high potential. You will be investing minimum money and getting maximum profits. Most affiliate programs are free to join. Your costs will be to set up your own website + promote your sponsor’s products and your website. The basic idea behind Affiliate Marketing is directing prospective customers or “traffic” around the Internet.
The sky is the limit, once you get your web site up and running, there are virtually hundreds of Internet companies offering affiliate marketing partnerships, with varied products for sale. You are the boss and do not have to ask anyone if you want to take a day off or only want to work a few hours at your business. Your affiliate business will grow at the pace you want it to. The key to successful affiliate marketing and earning a genuine income is selecting the right product or opportunity.

Need of Sitemap

A sitemap is a great way to show the search engines the structure and organization of a web site. This helps the search engines find pages that may have not been properly linked throughout the rest of the site.
In its Webmaster Guidelines, Google touts the merits of adding a sitemap to your site.
” We don’t guarantee that we’ll crawl or index all of your URLs. However, we use the data in your Sitemap to learn about your site’s structure, which will allow us to improve our crawler schedule and do a better job crawling your site in the future. In most cases, webmasters will benefit from Sitemap submission, and in no case will you be penalized for it. ”
I have to say that I recently saw a new site where it was sandboxed. One week after adding the sitemap there was a couple thousand percent incerase in the pages indexed.
As a Webmaster, one of the things you always need to be aware of is how well your the pages of your site are interlinked. To combat this, you can generate either an XHTML or html Sitemap that contains links to every page of your site.A properly constructed XHTML or html sitemap solves this problem

Negative Keywords

When adding your keywords and phrases in Adwords in Google, you have some options from a 'broad match' to the highly specific 'exact match'. More of those tomorrow - today we're looking at negative keywords.

negative keywords will help filter out some of the traffic that you may not want. For example, if you're selling Computer Software, but you don't sell Mobile Software, you can make ‘Mobile Software’ a negative keyword. That way you won’t show your ad to a shopper looking for Mobile Software (which may help you save money).

Here are some tips and tricks to getting the most out of your Negative Keyword research:

>> Use a keyword database tools such as Trellian or Wordtracker.

>> Use the Negative Keyword tab of the Google Keyword Tool

>> If you are using Web Analytics reports study your organic keyword reports for new negative keyword.

>> The only difference is that you put a negative sign (–) before the word.

Most importantly, keep close watch on the source of your AdWords traffic and find out which one send to you traffic that convert into customers.

See full instructions for using the Negative Keywords tab.

Seo Tips By Deepak Shrivastava

E - Marketing News

Often familiar words and concepts become incomprehensible to business people when prefaced with the letter "e". eMarketing, eBusiness, eCommerce, eLearning, eService, e-This, e-That ….. The list goes on and on.
OK, back to business. Let's define as simply as possible what e-Marketing is.
Rather than creating a Web site, e-marketing focuses more on communicating on line, using a customer-directed dialogue with your company to find new prospects, increasing loyalty and making it easier for your customers to do business with you
E-marketing means using digital technologies to help sell your goods or services. These technologies are a valuable complement to traditional marketing methods whatever the size of your company or your business model.