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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is increasingly important to the success of your business, it's vital to get and stay ahead of your competition. But when choosing the best SEO solution, it's imperative to get the service that you really need.

All Inclusive

If you're completely new to SEO and you don't have the time, budget or inclination to learn about it, you'll need a package that does it all for you. A great SEO expert will be able to provide a full 'All Inclusive' package. This type of package would usually include:

  • Website Analysis and Website SEO maintenance
  • Keyword Research, Analysis and Implementation
  • Link Building
  • PPC Management
  • Reporting

All of these areas are essential to SEO success and are distinct fields of expertise requiring a combination of knowledge and experience that only an expert brings.

First 2 Step Of SEO

Seo is of course search engine optimization, but it makes for a whole lot easier typing if I do not spell it out! But seriously, seo is pretty important.

Seo is one of the most important things you can do for traffic generation long term. You see, in the short term, seo is not really that important. When you are first getting started, you really need the direct traffic, and you need it fast. Seo can takes months to take effect, and sometimes it moves up and down. You are number one for weeks and then you fall out of place. It just happens – but when you have many pages and many sites it affects you less than when you first get started and you only have a few sites.

Seo is just really a long term strategy, but the changes take awhile to take place – so you have to work on it now, while you are small, and it will help you get big. That is the bottom line. You have to work on seo now.

So what are the first 2 steps to seo?

1) You have to have your keywords on your web pages. I like to have my keywords on my titles, in my content, in my heading tags, and in my description tag.

2) You have to get backlinks to your web site. I like to use article marketing and web directory submission to do this. Article marketing can create faster inbound links than web directory submission, but the web directory submitting can help you get longer lasting links.

Make Use of RSS Feeds

RSS can be utilized by webmasters to deliver their website content to the target audience in many creative and innovative ways. RSS web feeds generally contain the topic summarized in a very easy to understand format. Moreover, it does not burden the user to read the whole article in order to see if it was what they were interested in. The title and summarized information in RSS feeds usually gives the reader enough information to decide if he/she is interested in reading it further. This in turn brings in targeted unique traffic to each of your pages, instead of all the traffic coming through the homepage. In other words, RSS feeds greatly facilitate page-to-page traffic generation.

Anther attractive feature of RSS is its ability to deliver important updates directly to your visitors email. RSS feeds come with a subscription feature, whereby, your visitors sign up to have any new updates or articles alerts delivered to their email. If you manage to write a content that is of interest to your existing visitors, the email alert subscription would help in bringing back those visitors. Since your visitors always prefer to get access to the "information they need" in a least simple and fastest way possible, RSS feed subscription gives them the option to access their articles, updates or products of choice from a centralized and easy to access location; that being, email alerts.

How to Promote Your Site in Your Article Writing

There's no reason you can't toot your own horn, particularly if you are doing article directory marketing. That's when you write articles to put up on other people's directories to drive traffic to your site. Many of these sites don't allow you promote your products or site within the article text, but they do give you a resource box at the end where you can typically promote yourself, your website, and some other link. Just be careful not to send people to a sales page, if the guidelines say that's not allowed. Many of these article directory sites are getting very stringent about allowing marketers to use their site to promote their products, so you will have to add an intermediary page from the resource box back to your sales page, in some cases - like a link to a blog or website page which isn't promotional but has links to your promotions. To be sure, read the guidelines before you add information to your resource box to see what is allowed.

When you promote yourself, don't just say:"For more information, go to my website..." Most people reading that know it's a plug to end up at some marketing page. So, instead, you need to be a little crafty with your resource box. You might try the following leads to get people to click into the link in your resource box and capture traffic from the article directories you post within:

- Before you go, did you know [link here]...
- To learn more about this topic, go to [link here]...
- Psst! There's an additional secret you should know [link here]...
- Want a free report on how the top way to do [link here]?
- Let me ask a quick question, do you know [insert title of article linking back to webpage here]...

As you can see, this is not the typical way to grab someone's attention and that's why it tends to work.

Another way to promote your site, that you can see a little of in the above example, is to give away promotional incentives for clicking into your site or for registering to your mail list. The free promotional incentive works best if it is some infoproduct like a free report that you can deliver automatically to people who click into your site where you have a download button. This gets them to your site and delivers the product without you having to engage them manually. So, anything that can be easily downloaded from your website works. That can include articles, videos, music downloads, and even software. Just be clear in the resource box that they are going to get a freebie for clicking on the link you provide and you will see your response rate shoot upwards.

The Actuly Roal Of SEO

With the boom in online business the profession of SEO has also come into the limelight. It is said that the team of SEOs is the backbone of the websites. The performance of a website is totally controlled by a search engine optimizer. With the growing competition in the online business it has become really difficult for any website to perform the best on a regular basis. Several websites are already existing and number of other sites are waiting in the que to join this online world. It is a vicious circle of Internet business where a site that is not the top ranking today might struggle tomorrow to achieve the same position. Well! To maintain a consistency in the performance of the website we have SEOs. These professionals work hard in order to make the website perform well throughout by bringing it on the top rankings of a search engine.

It is the process of search engine optimization that brings a website to the top most ranking of a search engine. Once the site manages to climb the top rankings then it helps to attract more visitors. More traffic on a site helps in better online promotion and of course large revenue generation as well. A SEO is a person who looks into the website balancing from every possible angle. Some of the guidelines for site optimization are

Webpage optimization that includes optimized content, optimized images, optimized online advertisements etc.

Placing adequate amount of keywords, neither too many nor too less. This helps to attract the visitors in search of information related to those keywords.

Make use of promotional blogs in order to reach close to search engine rankings.

Looking into technical aspects like meta tags, urls etc

SEO For HOme Bussiness

Ethical Search Engine Optimization for businesses from home is something that gives most people the heeby-jeebies, because it is supposedly only for geeks. A decently optimized website, is like a magnet to search engines which means visitors. Organic Search Engine Traffic is the most targeted traffic you can get. People arrive at your website because they typed in a keyword or a phrase that is applicable to your website, and because your site has appropriate optimization, it shows up in the first few positions of the search results and gets the click-thru from the searcher

This is why ethical SEO software such as SEO Elite are so effective: They cut down on the sheer load of work needed and provide intuitive ways for you to use your experience and get the most out of your investments (in this case, your website) AND your time to boost businesses from home.

What you will get with SEO Elite:

1. Ability to analyze any sites listed in the top search engines (this includes Google & Yahoo) to examine why they are getting listed high.

2. SEO Elite analyzes all your links and shows you the PR and Alexa rank accounts for your link partners' websites.

3. SEO Elite provides an article submission program that allows you to submit your articles to all the top article directories at the press of a button for each.

Datadial Online Marketing

Online marketing or Search Engine Optimization is the most popular term today. It was commonly known as internet marketing but due to insistent public demand the term was changed to online marketing service.

Basically this is a Technique that is used to improve your business in a prominent way. Online Marketing or Internet Marketing Includes many techniques like Search Engine Optimization and Web Development. Online marketing is an extremely cost-effective business that allows even small business owners to market their product/service for a relatively lower marketing budget.

Seo services is basically design and develop your quality website, and take this further to optimize your web pages and improving the web Page Rank so most of the search engines will crawl your website quickly and easily.

Todays Internet Marketing Business Provide you an Innovative way to Increase your profitability in your business.with Internet Marketing your product or service is used to rank in major search engines like Google Yahoo and Msn.

Avoid the Google Sandbox

There is still a lot of discussion going on wether the Google Sandbox exists or not. Some say it exists some say it doesn't. Just pretend it does exist, how is it possible that some SEO's don't get hit by the sandbox filter?

First of all, let me explain to you what the Google sandbox is. The sandbox filter is a filter that Google uses on keywords with high search volume and high competition. The whole mindset of the filter is that new website go in some sort of quarantine so they don't rank high in the search engine result pages of Google. This quarantine could take from several months to a year. This was originally introduces to block out spam websites. Before the sandbox filter was born, as a spammer you could make a website, spam Google with it get banned, and instantly make another website and get your original ranking in Google again. But with another domainname. And because Google isn't really fast in giving penalties and bans it takes a couple of months before the new domains get caught. This was easy money making in those days! But not anymore, because now the Google Sandbox filter will solve the problem!

But that doesn't mean we're really stuck to that filter. We are optimizing for search engines, and the sandbox is part of that, so there is a solution.

Only new domains trigger the sandbox filter. So a solution may be to buy an old domain name, or if you already have one, use an old domain name. But this is often really expensive and it doesn't always fit your needs. But there is a solution for that: On this website are domains that come available the same day. Just search some of the domains for age with the wayback machine, and if you find an old domain you can buy it at a hosting company for as little as 15 bucks. You can also take a look in Google to see if the website on the domain is still indexed in Google, that fastens up the process a bit. It doesn't matter what domain you choose, the only thing you have to do is 301 redirect the domain to your main domain. Then you have to hope your old domain get's indexed again so Google will know that the domain moved permanently to the new location. This will give you all the linklove of the old domain and you get the age of that domain. So you can easily build your website and gain high rankings without any sandbox restrictions.

SEO Mistakes

Website promotion requires certain basics. People often commit common mistakes while promoting their websites. Such SEO mistakes can be avoided or corrected if little care is taken about it. Some of these mistakes are listed as under-

Target the wrong keywords

People often make and define the wrong keywords that are not at all searched. So proper keyword analysis should be done Wrong keywords take you no where. Your Search Engine Optimization Company becomes successful only on choosing the right keywords.

Ignore the title tag

Search Engines give more preference to title tag these days rather than other Meta tags. Some people leave this tag empty. In fact title tag is the most important place to have keywords. This affects your search results as page title does not exist when you ignore this title tag.

Flash website without html

Flash is attractive only to the users but not to the search engine spiders. If you make a flash website to attract the users and strictly want to promote it in search engines then it is better to provide the alternative html version along with it. As search engines can not read the flash content and also not able to index it, so it becomes necessary to create the html version.

Use JavaScript Menus

Search engine do not read the JavaScript. In case you think it is necessary to use it in the website, you should build a site map. You can also build a no script tag. This will make your links get easily crawl by search engine spiders.

Too much concentration on Meta tags

Search engines these days do not give much preference to the Meta tags as it was in the past. You can not ignore the Meta tags but don't spend too much time on it and think to rank well only because of this. These days there are various other promotion methods also available along with the content optimization.

Back link spamming

Back links are always considered as good but people resort to the practices of collecting back links through link farms which could get your site banned. Do not emphasize on quantity of back links rather than the quality links. It's the quality that counts in the end.

Lacks of keywords in the content

some people write the content which has no keywords. These days search engines give more preference to content rather than to Meta tags. So content mixed along with keywords has become important part of content optimization. Use only images for headings

Many people use images in headings with the concept of making an attractive site but in Search Engine Optimization terms images in headings and menus proves to be a big mistake. H1, H2 tags and menu links are important Search Engine Optimization Items which must contain the important keywords or alternative tags in images.

Ignore Urals

some people define the URL without any idea. Define the keywords in the URL. This will give you additional preference over your competitors. Keyword in URL is more important in Yahoo and MSN but Google also gives preference to it when the relative weight of keyword is high.

SEO And Its Benefits

What is SEO? SEO literally stands for "Search Engine Optimization". It is a tool by which websites get higher visibility and thereby higher ranking when search engines identify sites based on random keyword queries from surfers.

It is a well known fact that a surfer will very rarely go beyond the third results-page when he/she queried for a site/ subject. Hence, it is important that your website be as close up on those first three pages. When starting a home based internet business, and as long as you are online, this aspect will be crucial to your success and life on Net.

Hence SEO is one of the main tools for your websites promotion as well as marketing, when starting a home based internet business. Your identification however is very much dependent on the keywords that are linked to your website. These keywords need to be acutely descriptive and very much common so that people who think of your business will come up with these keywords when searching fro business such as yours. Only then the SEO will work best for you.

Starting a home based internet business can be a run away success if the website comes up within the first 20 results of organic searches. It has been observed time and again, that people like to search for what they want more than clicking on ads or banners they see. A good SEO then can be invaluable to you when starting a home based internet business.

SEO not only brings you in the "popular list", it also will keep you visible. If you do not come up in organic searches, you do not exist in the minds or eyes of the people on the Internet. Hence, the SEO not only will keep your business popular, it also assures you of constant visibility. Starting a home based internet business will be doomed without visibility - it is like having a shop in a no-man's land. Who will buy from you if they do not know you existed.

SEO is done professionally through a number of techniques. Some are done with the help of flash pages whereby some words link to your website though the repetition of certain keywords, some are done through meta tags, and some are done through code linking with top search engines. Which ever way it is done, it is best to have a professional doing this for you. Starting a home based internet business without SEO - professionally done SEO - is not a real good idea.

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Three Easy Steps SEO By Owner

You have two choices to consider when trying get your site ranked higher in search engines. You can hire a SEO is an expert in the field or if you have some time, you can do it yourself.

Research your Keywords

Ask yourself what keywords you think someone might type in when searching for products you sell or services you provide. Though a keyword may be only one word it is usually a phrase made up of keywords. Phrases are more specific and will more than likely be what potential customers use when searching for products or services online.

After a quick brainstorming session write down all that you were able to come up with. Make sure to consider geographical phrases if they are important to your customers and don’t forget of alternative words that could be used (an example could be “new car Littleton”). Make sure to surf the websites of your competition to get more ideas until you can come up with a list in the neighborhood of 20 to 30.

Now you should take two keywords from your list that you feel potential customers will use most frequently. Take into consideration that popular keywords are also competitive keywords and harder to achieve higher ranking with. If your goal is to obtain a high ranking for the term “auto insurance”, the path to achieving it may be long. Try to make your keywords the ones that are most related to your business and not riddled with vagueness or extremely competitive. Make each phrase about two or three words in length like the previous example.

Now that we have your keywords we will move on to the next step.

Site Text

Your site text is made up of the wording that is on your web page. There is a phrase for search engines and it is content is king. Search engines love unique content and your keywords should be placed in key locations within the content so Google understands the relevance your site has to them. Also make sure that your copy reads well around them as it needs to make sense for your visitors who are most important.

Keywords can be placed in headings, at the top of pages, in bold or italics, used as link text other pages of your site and in your title tag.

Add additional content after you are finished tuning up your webpage. Give more detailed descriptions of the products and services you offer. Provide a frequently asked questions page and pages of articles that pertain to your products or services.

With your design you should keep in mind that search engines cannot read images nearly as well as text. Sites that are made up with excessive flash or pictures really impede how well they can read the content of your site.

Link Building

A common way of thinking about links is that every link from another site that leads to yours is a vote for the popularity of your site. Every quality link you receive can improve your search rankings.

The quality of your inbound links is more vital than the quantity. The preferred and more valuable link is from sites that are relevant to your niche and with authority (highly regarded in the niche). A quality directory with relevant categories is another example. Just a few quality links with authority can have more value for your site than hundreds of lesser quality. Think of it like you do your personal business network. Both can have a strong effect on the success or failure of your business.

Take time to consider all the other relevant websites in your niche such as organizations, industry affiliates and non-competing companies. Send them a email introducing yourself, your products and services and explain how your website could benefit their visitors. Then politely suggest that they create a link to your website from theirs.

Record the Results

Over time you should watch and record your search engine rankings by doing a Google search for your chosen keywords to see where you rank. You can also monitor where your visitors are coming from by watching your hosting reports. Do this for each significant page of your website.

Continue to add to your websites content and increase the links to your website over time. This needs to be an ongoing effort for as long as you want visitors to your website.

As you continue to record the results of your efforts you should see the traffic increase and with that your sales. Know where your visitors are coming from so you can continually monitor your marketing efforts successes. Only by measuring it do you know where and how to improve it.

Search Engine Marketing Facts

With millions of websites available on the Internet and more being added almost daily, the only way for people to find what they need online is through the use of search engines. People rely on search engines the way early sailors relied on the stars – they’d literally be lost without them. The good news about this fact is that people’s reliance on these tools has made search engine marketing a popular and affordable way to boost traffic to your site and to increase your revenue.

A Couple of Facts

Before you start search engine marketing, you should realize why it works. First, research studies and reports form webmasters have shown that between 80 to 95% of their site’s visitors come from search engines. What usually makes the difference is whether or not the owner of the site does any additional marketing, such as direct mail, that might also attract visitors. That says even if you are doing other marketing methods you could be getting a lot more traffic if you concentrated on search engine marketing.

Second, people typically use the same main search engines for all of their efforts. The largest is Google. Nearly one-third of every single person on the Internet uses Google for their searches. That’s a lot of people. Yahoo and MSN are, of course, in second and third places with respectable percentages of their own: 29% and 27%, respectively. This information tells you that you absolutely should be doing some type of search engine marketing for your site and that you need to focus your efforts on Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

If you’re not familiar with search engine marketing, let’s start at the beginning. Basically, you’re using search engines for the purpose of driving traffic to your site which is the main idea of the engines. However, you are taking extra steps to ensure that you gain access to the largest audience of potential customers possible. For example, SEO is a huge part of search engine marketing. SEO means developing content around particular keywords which are chosen because they are likely to be ones searched for by possible leads.

Some Common Link Building Methods For Seo

One of the primary activities in SEO that will arguably have the most impact on your sites position in the search engine rankings is link building. A web pages position in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) is largely dependent on the number and quality of other pages linking to the page. Here we present some of the more common link building techniques to increase your inbound links.

1. Directory submission: Link directories contain pages of categorized links. One method to obtain back links involves submitting your site to these link directories. Directories can be either paid, free or requiring a reciprocal link. The most well known directories include the Yahoo directory and dmoz.

2. Article Submission: Submission of articles to article directories is another common
link building technique. At the bottom of an article you submit to an article directory is an author’s bio where you can include links to your site, as can be seen at the bottom of this article. One of the positive traits of this form of link building is that you can word your author bio as you want and therefore, have choice over the anchor text of the link.

3. Social Bookmark Submission: Social bookmark sites allow you to bookmark web pages online, and when you do a link is created to the page you bookmark. Submitting pages to social bookmark sites is another common method of link building.

4. Blog Posting.: Similar to article submission, you may be able to contact owners of blogs relating to your niche and provide them with quality content for them to post on their blog. In this content you may put a link back to your site. The key here is to provide quality content so that it is worthwhile for the owner of the blog to post your content.

5. Link Exchange: Some sites participate in link exchanges, where you link to a site in exchange for a link from their site. It is important in link exchange to exchange quality links in limited numbers. There is not a lot of value in much of the mass link exchange some sites engage in that have many pages of links devoted to their link exchanges.

6. Link Bait: This involves the writing of content, of posting of pictures or other interesting posts that other webmaster will find interesting and worth linking too. If the content is of high enough quality if may be featured on sites such as digg, potentially attracting a large number of organic links.

So here we have presented a number of the more common link building techniques. There are many others and a good way to keep up with current link building trends is to become active on one of the many popular web master forums. The key is to try different methods and attempt to get a feel for which methods are more effective through monitoring your sites position in the SERPS. You may want to establish several sites and explore different link building techniques with each site, thus allowing you to observe which technique provides better performance.

Make Big Money Online

A few possible ways to increase your cash flow include online bets, posting online commercial banners on your desktop or selling products via online bids. You can also consider implementing the online business of selling other people's products - being part of an affiliate program - but it may come to the disadvantage of not owning the copyrights, which will cut the possibility of permanent earnings from that product (e.g. a Mobile). Still, the best thing is to create your own product and to promote it online. Or you could just find someone who also wants to make money fast and getting them to promote the product for you.

Marketing is the key

Of the various internet marketing ideas, it's worth trying search engine marketing, e-mail marketing or affiliate marketing. Promoting a product through a search engine literally means increasing its visibility in the search engine result pages. For that, you need to know the most about the terms - keywords and keyphrases - that your target audience appeals to when using search engines. These are words your viewers type into the search engines' search forms and match the words on your site. Keywords and keyphrases can be seen as the building blocks of any search engine marketing strategy. It is extremely important that they are chosen carefully, or else the rest of the campaign, no matter how effective the implementation you might have thought it was, will probably be of no use.

Retain your existing clients

An unwritten law states that it costs less to engage an existing customer than to find a new one. In fact, acquiring new customers is usually three to six times the cost of retaining existing ones. If new customers contribute to sales growth, the process of acquisition is costly. You have to find, contact and familiarize with your products new customers, and that cuts away your profitability. On the other hand, old customers are the gift that keeps giving. Email marketing campaigns rely on two main objectives: getting direct response and developing relationships for customer retention. Customer acquisition is frequently the objective of B2C retailing campaigns, while customer retention is a major objective for B2B internet marketing.

Use affiliate programs

Making money with affiliate program is in fact offering jobs to those who get people to buy the products they want. You have to make sure your site is easy to spider and plan carefully the flow of Page Rank of your site. The content you post on the site should be real, unique and to reflect quality. Avoid building an ordinary site. Think out of the box. Make more money by using an affiliate program, instead of an affiliate network.

Directories In Seo Services

One of the most significant parts to run a search engine optimization campaign is linking. Well placed links helps a lot to push your website in the top of search engine rankings on your choice of keywords. There are many ways to get these links, but some of these ways are quite automated. Taking this significant advantage of your all aspects of link building campaign you can not only get your websites in the top of search engine rankings but also get benefited with the incoming links for your websites for a longer time.

Directory submissions are a source of one of the easiest form of linking in SEO Services . There are hundreds of directories available on the internet where you can post link to your site by submitting in these directories. Some directories are available free while some are paid. The paid directories charge either one time fee or recurring fee. It depends on you to decide on your website strategy whether to post in free directories or it is worth your cost to get submitted in some paid directories.

Submitting the website to the free directories also helps to increase your website ranking in search engines as well as getting listed in search engines like google, yahoo and msn. All these search engine give a lot of weight age to the many incoming links from these directories.

Moreover submitting to directories whether by free or paid submissions is an excellent way to get success in the search engine optimization efforts. Do not stop with a few directory submissions. Make it a point to do regular submissions so as to continuously improve on your rankings in search engines.

Using RSS Feeds for SEO

One of the most important factors of getting your web site noticed by the search engines is having lots of fresh keyword-rich text content on your site. Getting this has never been easier, thanks to RSS. RSS stands for “Rich Site Summary,” and it is a way for site owners to syndicate their site content to other sites, sharing headlines and article extracts. Because it is so easy to set up, RSS is often referred to as “Real Simple Syndication.”

RSS feeds provide a simple way to add keyword-rich content to your site that automatically updates itself on a weekly or even daily basis. You can easily add an RSS feed to your site that will continue to provide fresh content for as long as you keep it there, and this kind of dynamic, keyword-rich content will get your site noticed by the search engines. You would not want to create a site with nothing but RSS feeds, as this will get your site flagged as a spam site. However, you can set up a sidebar on your main site to display headlines relevant to the topic of your site next to your own original content, or you can create a “news” section of your site with 2-3 RSS feeds displaying headlines, forum threads, or blog entries on your site topic.

To display RSS feeds on your site, you will have to install software to your server and convert the pages where you would like to place the feeds to PHP. Don't worry-this is far easier than it sounds. The “Lesson Resources” section below includes information on a free and easy to use tool that will allow you to display feeds, as well as several sites where you can start looking for relevant feeds.

To display RSS feeds on your site, you will need to convert the pages where you will place the feeds to PHP. In popular HTML editors such as Dreamweaver, you can do this simply by changing the “.html” file extension to “.php”. It is possible to display RSS feeds as Java scripts within HTML pages, but you should avoid this as search engines can not currently read Java scripts. Although the Java scripts will display for human visitors, for the search engines it will be as if they don't exist.

Once you have converted the necessary pages to PHP, you will need to get software that will allow you to display the feeds. Gecko Tribe offers a very easy to use RSS to HTML converter called Carp (). They offer a free version that displays a small ad (“Newsfeed displayed by Carp”) under each feed you ad to your site. There is also a paid version which has more powerful features and doesn't include an ad. Follow their very simple instructions to install the software to your site server. At the end of the set up process, Carp will give you a short piece of code to paste into your PHP page. This includes a placeholder RSS feed URL.

Now that your site is ready to display RSS feeds, you will need to find some feeds relevant to your site. When you find the feeds you want to use, you simply need to copy the URL and use it to replace the placeholder feed URL created by Carp. The following sources will help you search the quickly growing number of feeds that are out there for the asking.

RSS Feed Search Engines
You can search for relevant RSS feeds by going to this search engines and doing searches

Bloglines ()
BlogPulse ()
Findory Blog Search ()
Gigablast Blog
Search ()
IceRocket Blog Search ()
Feedster ()
Technorati ()

Happy Blogging
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Put Rss News Feeds

One of the most misunderstood files, but yet one of the most powerful on the Web, is the RSS feed sometimes known as the RSS news feed, XML feed or web feed. One form of this special XML file is the podcast, but yet many casual and even hi-tech surfers still do not understand that they are using this exciting technology invisibly every day to read news and follow blog sites.

RSS, standing for Really Simple Syndication, is not new technology. The technology and implementation was created in 1999 by Netscape. RSS is an important technology and one that you are most likely using to get news, information updates, and to follow blogs that you like from a portal page invisibly. RSS files are created in XML or Extensible Markup Language. XML is another programming language used widely on the Web, like HTML, but one that cannot be read in its raw form by a browser. Because it operates invisibly, RSS has not been recognized by mainstream web surfers as the powerhouse that it is, but, that doesn’t mean that developers aren’t using RSS to serve you the content and information that you want most!

Why is This Misunderstood File So Powerful?
RSS, XML feeds or RSS news feeds, as they are commonly known, create the dynamic backbone behind many of the sites that many casual web surfers use every day without even knowing that they are using this exciting technology. If you visit a personalized home page, add content to it, or even subscribe to blog with one click buttons, most likely, you are using the power of RSS news feeds already. Blogs routinely and automatically create these RSS news feeds (sometimes in a format known as Atom) and these special files allow others to auto subscribe to your content and view snippets of your information in real-time from a variety of portal news aggregator websites like My Yahoo, iGoogle, My Live, My AOL, and others.

Podcasts are Another Flavor of the RSS News Feed
Podcasts or RSS news feeds which contain audio file enclosures are just another flavor of this powerful XML file format. It is interesting to note that as of late 2007, 13% of polled Web users had heard of and were routinely downloading and playing podcasts, but fewer than 7% of the polled Web users stated that they were using RSS news feeds on a regular basis. Actually, the figure of users utilizing RSS feeds is probably much greater than 7%, but people are simply not aware that this hidden application is most likely supplying the content and information that they like to review on a daily basis.

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Web design for seo - Latest Seo Tips

I got into SEO only a short time ago. Before that I was working for a IT College. It became quite clear to me after looking at site after site that if web designers were taught how to build w3c compliant sites and considered the search engines while building a site there would be a lot less SEO peddlers about. I started studying html only a few years ago and the only nod to the search engines was to include meta tag keywords in a pages html. This may not be the case at every educational establishment but it sure was at mine.

When I was studying it was stressed that w3c validation was an important thing to strive for and it is. When building a site its easy to dismiss a few errors in favour of getting a site cross browser compatible but you should not feel that your website is finished until it validates. Although it's still debatable whether or not having a validated site helps with SEO its a good habit to get into. It's generally easier to optimise a site from scratch so here's a few tips to think about when designing your next masterpiece.

Name the pages based on the keyword that you would like that page to rank for. Choose one main keyword per page to avoid diluting your keyword. Include a keyword in the name of your image folder and any other folders that are only one sub directory deep. This means your keyword will pop up more in your pages code. It's always tempting to use Javascript image rollovers for the navigation but the javascript code seems to confuse Google crawler spiders so if you can, use css instead. When writing the code for the navigation be sure to include full urls's, i.e. The full path to every page, and include your keywords in the anchor text of your links. This will help your internal linking structure.

As for content, lots of text, images and video. Including your video as a flash .flv file and then submit a video sitemap to google. Content is boss so jump to it.

Urchin- A Tracking Software

Urchin is a web site analytics solution used by web site owners and marketers to better understand their users experiences, optimize content and track marketing performance. Urchin tools are available as a hosted service, a software product and through large web hosting providers. These products are used by thousands of popular sites on the Internet.

1. Urchin 6 On Demand
2. Urchin 5 Software.
3. Urchin 4.

Urchin 6 On Demand
How many visitors you get from ads and keywords is not sufficient information. But urchin 6 tool shows you which keywords and ads refer your best customers. This tool shows you how your best customers navigate your site. It closes the loop on ad spend and revenue to calculate your marketing and website ROI. This tool increases conversions which helps in making more profits. It is easy to use and it simply tag your pages and paid URLs, and your reports are updated with the latest information throughout the day.
1. Site Overlay- It browse your website with Urchin metrics overlaid directly on your links and you can immediately see the popularity and effectiveness of each link on every page of your site. Its powerful reports shows the effectiveness of your site design in a visual method that is instantly understandable.
2. Funnel Visualization- It eliminate bottlenecks in your checkout and conversion processes and reduce abandonment. Pinpoint where visitors leave your funnels and find out where they go. 3. Advanced Visitor Segmentation- This tool defines your own custom segments such as geographic location and new versus returning visitors. It compares visitor behavior, conversion metrics, and trends for individuals or groups of visitors.
4. Trend Reporting- Its compare metrics across months, days, weeks, or any two arbitrary date ranges. Urchin shows you whether you are up or down for each metric.
5. Analysis Options- It provides report data on the fly and compare visitor segments, examine data over time, and view Lifetime Visitor Value. Drill down to view individual visitors, sessions, and click paths.
6. Key Performance Summaries- Urchin 6 on demand provides executive-level view of traffic quality and quantity trends. Quickly identify problems. Discover new opportunities. Compare referrals, regions, revenue, conversions, campaigns, and keywords.

Resume Tips for Freshers

Well! there is a famous saying “First Impression Is The Last Impression”

In today’s competitive world the above saying is playing very important role.
As today people are running for jobs in every fields and in all directions, but some of them get success and some are not. Why some are not getting?

Now here is the answer for the above question and it is Resume or Biodata of the person. And this is the first impression of the person for getting and losing the jobs. A good resume is the tool that can get you an invitation to the interview for your dream job. If writing a good resume is part of your preparation for the job hunt.

Don’t forget that your resume is really an index of your abilities.

The very first step is to build your resume in right and professional format.Today 2 main formats are used: Chronological and Functional

To build your resume you can use free resume forms located on the web. This can provide you with directions if you are having trouble building your resume.

There are 2 important things to keep in mind while building resume is proper order and punctuations. Correct punctuation is another consideration for expressing good grammar, and essential for creating clear business communications. A resume with lots of grammatical errors, or one that contains lots of typos drives recruiters crazy. If you can’t proofread your resume yourself, get a friend or a professional do it for you!

Use action and industry oriented words which create a positive impression about you, that you are professional and knowledgeable.

A lot of people think a generalized resume describing everything they have ever done is a great way to show their experience and skills. This is not true. You should only include information that is useful to the job you are applying for.

Basics Of Seo For Online Marketing

Normal traffics are about comes due to contextual hotlink architecture and superior traffics are appear from accompanying breadth like if you website is accompanying to SEO afresh your traffics aswell appear from SEO accompanying sites. And superior traffics are due to superior backlinks or due to hotlink barter with accompanying site.

And aloft all will appear consistently if you apperceive Basics of SEO and optimize your website by acceptable agency like below.

1. Try to yield url as abbreviate as accessible with your primary keyword (It will not aftereffect added but if your url aswell accommodate your keywords afresh one added additional point you accept for seek engines.)

2. Write your website capacity by accustomed way, don’t try to archetype capacity from added accompanying sites because nowadays Google or added seek engine will bolt your anon and can ban your site.

3. If you are autograph your website capacity afresh try to put your keywords aswell by accustomed way because keywords abode in your website capacity are capital to advance your superior or baronial upside. Abstain keywords stuffing, agency try to put your keywords already or two times in a paragraph, if you echo your keywords afresh and afresh afresh it will abiding amerce your site.

4. Start your keywords with H1, H2, H3 tags, We abode our capital keywords with H1 tags in starting of website contents, because crawler accord accent to H1 tag, afresh you can abode your accessory keywords with H2 tags, accumulate in apperception that you can use these tags alone one times in a web pages, and afresh locate your keywords with adventurous tag or italic tag in amid of paragraph.

5. Put you capital keywords consistently with your website appellation and abstain stop words.

6. In descriptions tag you should put accordant advice of your website because if seek engine will account your website afresh your descriptions appearance in beneath of your appellation and if your description are allusive and accompanying to your website afresh user will bang on your website contrarily he will accept addition sites, so try to accumulate all advice (between 150 to 250 words) in description.

7. Keywords tag are not important tag for any website now, because crawler will clamber your website capacity and afterwards arrangement of your H1, H2 , bold, italic and some added important tags they adjudge for keywords itself and basis them. But you should put it because we don’t apperceive what is accepted algorithms for superior sites and page rank and some seek engines accord accent aswell to keywords tag and basis them but you accept to put alone that keywords who is placed in your website contents.

Above all are accepted way to optimize your site, if you are managing associate bazaar accompanying website afresh you accept to advance your associate hotlink and try to abstain your associate links on homepage because a lot of of accepted seek engine will not chase associate links because they accommodate some appropriate appearance or use alter method. So you should try to get added and added cartage on homepage to access your baronial and afresh accord links from your homepage to your addition web pages which are arranged by your associate links.

Tips For Choosing Best Web Host

Understanding what you need from a web host and visiting different host websites to see what they have to offer will give you some good information on which to make your choice. Below are four tips that can make this decision a little easier.

Check Out Different Web Hosting Packages: as your needs will be different from a big corporations needs or a medium sized business' needs, a lot of web hosts offer packages for small, medium and large businesses. When comparing packages, you will notice that the main differences are cost, amount of data transfer and disk space available, number of email addresses offered, and amount of bandwidth you will receive each month. If you're planning to upload lots of pictures, video or other media that takes up more space than text, you should find out how much space you'll need before choosing a web host.

Quality Control Panel: A good web host makes it as easy as possible for customers to upload files, manage email accounts, analysis site statistics and manage FTP accounts. Gain knowledge of as much as you can about the control panel before choosing a web host. Learn which site statistics will be available so you can adequately monitor all marketing campaigns and incoming traffic. Lastly, make clear in your mind you can contact customer service at any time if you're experiencing problems.

Moving Your Domain Name: If you're moving from one web host to another, keep in mind that you may have to pay to move your domain name. While some hosts offer to do this for you for free, others do not and will charge you for registration.When reviewing monthly fees and billing options, find out exactly what's included in these fees. If you don't have a domain name, you will have to register one in order to claim a web address so no one else can use it. Some web hosts include the domain registration fee in their monthly fees, while others charge service fees. Because your domain name needs to be renewed each year, find out who will be paying the renewal fee as well.

Customer Service: If you can't get in contact with your web host if you're site goes down, there is very little you can do except wait until the site is up and running again. Choosing a web host that provides excellent customer service 24/7 via phone, live chat, email and tutorials found on their website can make downtime seem less frustrating.

SEO and Web Design in SEO Web Design

The SEO and Web Design in SEO Web Design

These days, the attention of website designing has been to build websites that not only look great, but also get to the top of the search engines. This is what you can call SEO web design, which essentially is all about designing your website with a few SEO principles in mind.

SEO web design is all about designing a website in such a way that gets to the top of search engines. SEO and web design are basically apples and oranges but it pays to pay attention on how one can juggle them without being off balance.

SEO Defined

There are basically two things that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not. It’s not a fad and neither is it rocket science. It’s all about being at the top of search engines for your most relevant keywords. For any website to be profitable, it must rank for your keywords in the search engines. At least 40% of overall traffic on the Internet comes from the search engines. SEO is easily the cheapest way to generate traffic to your website.

SEO basically involves two parts: (a) optimization of your website’s pages and (b) building links coming into your site.

Website Design Defined

Website design is all about arranging design elements (graphics, text, color and space) to create an attractive whole. This goes hand in hand with SEO – a website design that is not friendly to the search engines is a waste of time. On the other hand, if it is not user-friendly, it will also be detrimental to your search engine rankings. If your visitors press the “back” button right away upon landing on your web page (from clicking on a search engine result), it’s going to adversely affect your search engine rankings.

Search Engine Submissions

The act of submitting specific URLs to popular search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo! to ensure the web page get indexed is called search engine submissions. Search Engine Submission is often seen as a way to promote a web site. There are two basic reasons to submit a web site or web page to a search engine. The first reason is to add an entirely new web site because the site operators would rather not wait for a search engine to discover them. The second is to have a web page or web site updated in the respective search engine.

How web sites are submitted

There are two basic methods still in use today that would allow search engine submissions. They can either submit one web page at a time. Or, they can submit their entire site at one time with a sitemap. However most of the times, with just submitting the home page, most search engines are able to crawl a site, provided that it is crawler friendly.

In order to get a good placement in various search engines, webmasters must optimize their web pages. Many variables come into play, such as the placement and density of desirable keywords, the hierarchy structure of web pages employed in a web site, the number of web pages that link to a given web page etc. The Google search engine also uses a concept called page rank.

Google Sitemaps was introduced in June 2005 so web developers could publish lists of links from across their sites. The sitemap is used to make the search engine aware of the site and the pages on the site. At this moment XML sitemap support Google, Yahoo,, MSN. The location of the Sitemap can also be specified using a robots.txt file to help search engines find the sitemaps

Web sites desire to be listed in popular search engines because that is how most people access web sites. People like to search for information on the web at what is known as a search engine. Sites that appear on the first page of a search are said to be in the top 10. Clicking on a hyperlink causes the found web page to appear in the searchers web browser.

What Exactly Is Involved In Search Engine Submission
Many people think search engine submission is the act of submitting your website’s URL, to the search engines so that they know your website exists, list you in their index and start sending traffic your way. At the most basic assumption is true but there are a number of flaws which reveal Search Engine Submission to be little more than a meaningless “hello” to the search engines. First, search engines mostly find websites by following hyperlinks from other sites .That’s why quality webpage content and quality links are extremely important in order to succeed online. The fact that a search engine knows you exist, doesn’t mean that it will simply “send” traffic your way. Search engines have millions and sometimes billions of sites indexed, so why would they think your site is so special that they would bypass all other sites to send traffic your way. Just as there are potentially billions of pages in the indexes of the search engines that matter there are sometimes millions of other pages with content similar to yours with whom you’ll be competing against for search engine traffic. So, even if you do submit your URL to the search engines it is still highly unlikely that they will start sending significant traffic your way.

Dynamite Keyword Strategy

Who would have ever thought the key to your success could be in choosing the right words. What the heck is that all about anyway. Well it seems, you have to use carefully selected words called, “keywords” to optimize your website so the big daddy search engine to pay attention to you. Just any old words don't work. You have to use relevant words and or parts of phrases that relate to your site's content.

Well I can see that! What the heck I believe anyone with a little brains could figure that out. I mean, I wouldn't use the word “carburetor” if I was selling candy, now would I? Seems like there is a lot of hallo blew over the obvious. I've seen keyword search programs, articles, and ebooks all about picking the right keyword. I think some people need to get a life.

So if it's such a big deal, what kind of keywords should you use? Duh, how about ones that focuses on what your site is all about? I mean, can't you just see someone putting up a big billboard on the side of the Interstate. Huge letters saying “STAY IN SAN DIEGO” when they are selling Omaha Stakes. Maybe people would respond to the San Diego thing, but they would probably be disappointed when it was Omaha Stakes instead. I mean there's nothing wrong with San Diego, but I think fresh Omaha Stakes are imported there from – Omaha.

By Google's rules, one correctly placed keyword produces better overall search engine rankings than if keywords are just generally placed. They also say both targeted and general keyword types will help the site maintain a high ranking. Isn't that special. You not only have to have the right keywords, but you have to have them in the right places. Cripe, I just want to sell my goods, that's all. I'm no Yale grad. or anything like that. I have a good product and I need customers, without the big boys wanting to muscle in. They used to call it the Mafia, oh I'm sorry, there wasn't any Mafia either.

So, what keywords are most useful?

Set down and put the old brain to work. Figure out which keywords are the most common in relation to your site's content and theme. The Big Daddy Search Engine Optimization tug-a-war begins with the first word but does not end with any set number of keywords. But that's not enough, the correct density has to be used, like around ten to fifteen percent but you could probably get by with up to twenty five percent. So use words that are relevant to your website, but don't use too many, no – no you'll get a slap on the hand.

So Just How Do You Choose the Best Keywords???

Essential Seo Tips

Of course you can hire a company to promote your website for you and this pretty much guarantees results if you use a reputable company. If you plan on doing it yourself then there are some simple rules and tips that you can follow to increase your degree of success.

One thing that you should always do is to select all of the keywords that you are going to use very carefully and always use your main keyword in your domain name. This means that you should use your main keyword in the title twice if possible but it must be readable and natural looking.

Make sure that you have as many of your main keywords on your home page as possible but make sure that it all reads well. Keywords that are in bold letters work best. If your title isnt atractive looking then even if it apears prominently in the search engines, people will be reluctant to click to it.

You should also submit articles to article directories and this includes even the lower ranking websites. To avoid being placed in Googles sandbox it is recomendad that you submit no more than five articles a day. Another thing that you can do is to get a link to your home page from a website that has a higher ranking then you own.

Happy Blogging

Need of Internet Marketing

Although similar in many ways to traditional marketing, Internet marketing is best suited to several particular purposes. It is ideal for marketing products and services that require a lot of information to sell, such as travel and books; products and services that people feel strongly about, and products and services that are bought by the Internet demographic.

Internet Marketing is the generic umbrella term given to various online marketing activities, including:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Link Building
  • Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)
  • Banner Advertising
  • Affiliate Programs

While most small to medium sized businesses rarely develop a full Internet Marketing plan, quite a few are adopting some of the more common techniques (such as SEO or PPC). This is a good start for most businesses, but unfortunately the nature of the industry means that many businesses are still somewhat naive as to the full potential of Internet Marketing.

With Best Wishes
Latest Seo Tips By Deepak Shrivastava

Will keyword research help in organic traffic


will the correct research make a difference between 100 visitors and 1000 visitors in organic results? which is the best research tool available do you use any niche finder tool can you recommend me one which you have tried ?

Absolutely. It makes all the difference. I should qualify that - it certainly depends on your market. But if you rank #1 vs #20 it makes a huge difference. Organic search provides you credibility - most people can tell the difference between ads and organic. Besides if you are ranking for something that is sort of like what you are offering you will get far fewer "buyers" than if you are ranking for the exact item/service you are selling. Consider your own search habits - are you not more likely to trust someone who ranks well for the exact topic you search on?

Remember to check out the long keyword phrases (often called "long tail" keywords) because

  1. people who use them are more likely to "purchase" (read, click, whatever you need them to do to make money) than those who search on shorter keywords.
  2. they are usually far easier to rank for than the shorter generic terms. ("old car parts" vs "1979 AMC gremlin taillight" - don't laugh, that baby served me well in college)
The only tool I use for keyword research is It pulls from a 25% sample size so you know that data is the most accurate out there. Just multiply the search volume by four and you now know how many US search occur in any given month.

NOTE: Tools like WordTracker, that pull from Dogpile and MetaCrawler, only represent .45% of all US searches, so it's hard to put much stock in those numbers.

Start with the most generic search for your term. If you focus on a certain type of widget, do a general lookup of "widgets" and/or "widget". Find all related search terms and drill into them even further. When you are done, you will have a comprehensive list that you can group into related keywords and then sort from highest search volume to lowest. This will give you a good idea of how to organize your website content and which phrases to focus on per page.

I hope this helps.
Latest Seo Services & Latset Seo Tips By Seo Support

7 Search Engine Strategies That Work

As the Internet becomes even more pervasive, the importance of search engine optimization continues to grow. You can make the most of your Internet marketing efforts by following the same steps that top ranking sites do for improvinge their rankings. You may think that top ranking sites have to spend lots of money to get there. The truth is that sites who come out on top, follow some basic search engine optimization guidelines. These guidelines are easy to follow and often cost little or nothing to put into practice.

1. Manually register your site with DMOZ, also known as the Open Directory Project. The Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors and feeds other leading web directories.

2. Manually submit your site to Google. If you'd like to wait, Google will eventually spider your site and return it in search result listings related to your site name and keywords. However, this may take some time. For faster inclusion, visit Google and submit your site manually.

3. Purchase a listing with Yahoo! Directory Submit. Yahoo! like Google provides many search products. However, Directory Submit is essential for any business on the web. For a fee of $299 Yahoo! will include your web site in their directory that fuels websites like Yahoo!, MSN and AltaVista.

4. Make sure you are using keywords with a high KEI. This measure takes into consideration both the popularity and competitiveness of your keywords. By focusing on keywords with a higher KEI, you can optimize your chance for search engines to select your site for keywords at little or no expense.

5. Engage in a link building campaign. The more links you have to your site, especially if they have a high Google Page Rank, will signal Google and other search engines that your site is important. A great way to do this is through article submission or affiliate programs.

6. Make your site easily to crawl. Search engine do not like dynamic pages. Although this is changing with the advent of Google Site Maps, it is still important to ensure that all search engines can easily traverse your website. Make sure to use HTML coding and avoid dynamically created pages.

7. Be patient. Once you follow these suggestions, allow search engines time to re-index your site. In the Internet age, we're looking for instant results. However, it does take some time for all of your search engine optimization techniques to take hold.

By implementing the suggestions we've discussed in this article, your search engine optimization efforts can generate positive returns. As the world of search engines continue to evolve, it's important to learn about the latest techniques and requirements for improving search engine results. Continue to focus on SEO Services. If you do, you'll find yourself at the top of the rankings!

SEO , SMO & SMM ... what's the difference???

SEO , SMO & SMM ... what's the difference?

SEO - Making your page "optimal" for visibility in various search engines. Nothing social about that unless you're using something like Mahalo.

Social Media Optimization - the phrase Social Media Optimization was first invented by Rohit Bhargava.It means Making your web pages and your site content easy to bookmark, share, recommend to friends, to comment on or even to syndicate on Facebook, other blogs etc. Things like adding chicklets for Digg and Delicious, email this link options, post to Facebook, embed video links, add to social shopping sites (for ecommerce)...

Social Media Marketing - this is the off-page stuff. This gets into link building a bit, if you're using social networks to build links. For example, you make a certain type of handmade Stone (Granite , Marble ETC....). You can join the social shopping engine Etsy which focuses on hand-made and Kitchen COuntertops, submit your products to the social shopping site FiveLimes that loves the green friendly business, and write an article about how your product saves the planet and post it on Green friendly sites like Care that allow you to post your own blog entries. Include keyword optimized contexual link within the article, and you're SMM'ming and SEO'ing.

I agree that these are e tenants to social marketing (SEO, SMO and SMM) and that one is focused on your site and one is focused in neighborhoods away from your site.I also see SMO as not only onsite but also in optimizing results that are offset with SMM efforts. The two components are essential in any great SMM campaign.

SE status by MSN or

I just check my search engine status. At one time, my site and all its pages were indexed by MSN Live. Now, my traffic blazer shows 0 pages indexed, when before it showed 20 -30 or so. When I search Live for my site, it doesn't show up in the search results. If I search Images, the images come up and you can click them to my site. Why would they no longer have my pages indexed?

well, seems to be the most unstable SE (imo) coz the fluctuation on rankings is very unpredictable.But they takes time seem to re-index their database and update their listing more frequently.

Think on Pagerank and page Title

Pagerank and page title are the two things you REALLY need to pay attention to. If a website with a low PR is ahead of a website with a higher PR it means their page title was more relevant. If you search in Google for "latest Seo Tips" my blog comes up #4 & #5. You can see that other websites came after me that had a higher PR. I actually have a PR of 3 yet I'm in front of them. This was partially because of my page title and keywords. If they did exactly what I did and had their PR they would be in front of me. Not to metion I also have the word "Seo Tips" in my domain. But if you search for the word "Seo Tips" in Google you'll only see websites with high PR. That's because that's a single word and lots of people are going for it in their titles and content. On "quality" keywords only the high PR sites will come up first. You can also search for the term "Seo". Don't you notice that all the websites on the first page seem to have about the same PR? As the list goes down their PR gets lower.

If I'm correct, your pagerank is based on the number of inbound links compared to websites that are in the same category as yours. So if my website was in a category that less people are competing for it would be easier to build up my pagerank. All because you have a high pagerank doesn't mean you can get a top spot for ANY keywords. Or does it?

It's based on the number of inbound links, their relevance to your site, and the PR of the inbound links you receive. There are probably other specs to the algorithm, but those are the ones most often talked about.

High page rank doesn't necessarily help you place high in the SERPs and low page rank doesn't mean you'll have poor placement. Placement in the SERPs also depends on what keywords you target for your niche and your on-page optimization.

If two websites are competing for the exact same keywords the website with the higher PR will appear before the other. The only time they have an advantage is when somebody types in a longer phrase. If the website with the lower PR has that phrase in their page title and throughout their website, they can beat the site with the higher PR if it doesn't have that phrase on their site.