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SEO Mistakes

Website promotion requires certain basics. People often commit common mistakes while promoting their websites. Such SEO mistakes can be avoided or corrected if little care is taken about it. Some of these mistakes are listed as under-

Target the wrong keywords

People often make and define the wrong keywords that are not at all searched. So proper keyword analysis should be done Wrong keywords take you no where. Your Search Engine Optimization Company becomes successful only on choosing the right keywords.

Ignore the title tag

Search Engines give more preference to title tag these days rather than other Meta tags. Some people leave this tag empty. In fact title tag is the most important place to have keywords. This affects your search results as page title does not exist when you ignore this title tag.

Flash website without html

Flash is attractive only to the users but not to the search engine spiders. If you make a flash website to attract the users and strictly want to promote it in search engines then it is better to provide the alternative html version along with it. As search engines can not read the flash content and also not able to index it, so it becomes necessary to create the html version.

Use JavaScript Menus

Search engine do not read the JavaScript. In case you think it is necessary to use it in the website, you should build a site map. You can also build a no script tag. This will make your links get easily crawl by search engine spiders.

Too much concentration on Meta tags

Search engines these days do not give much preference to the Meta tags as it was in the past. You can not ignore the Meta tags but don't spend too much time on it and think to rank well only because of this. These days there are various other promotion methods also available along with the content optimization.

Back link spamming

Back links are always considered as good but people resort to the practices of collecting back links through link farms which could get your site banned. Do not emphasize on quantity of back links rather than the quality links. It's the quality that counts in the end.

Lacks of keywords in the content

some people write the content which has no keywords. These days search engines give more preference to content rather than to Meta tags. So content mixed along with keywords has become important part of content optimization. Use only images for headings

Many people use images in headings with the concept of making an attractive site but in Search Engine Optimization terms images in headings and menus proves to be a big mistake. H1, H2 tags and menu links are important Search Engine Optimization Items which must contain the important keywords or alternative tags in images.

Ignore Urals

some people define the URL without any idea. Define the keywords in the URL. This will give you additional preference over your competitors. Keyword in URL is more important in Yahoo and MSN but Google also gives preference to it when the relative weight of keyword is high.