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Sharepoint File Menu Integration with Microsoft Office

Document sharing and management are only two of the most important features of Windows SharePoint Services. By using these features, you can create, manage, and share documents easily. Because these features are integrated with Microsoft Office 2007, finding and using them is very easy. In this article, we will focus on the file menu aspect in relation to Sharepoint integration with Microsoft Office.

Document sharing is fully integrated into the File menu in most applications of Office 2007. File menu can be used to open or save documents in a document library on a SharePoint site. When saving a document in a document library, Office 2007 also stores metadata for the document in the library. When closing the document, any changes that you made in the document will be tracked so you may be asked to add or update the metadata. You can also use the document information tab on the new shared workspace task pane in your Office application to view and modify document metadata.

The scheme for document metadata can be customised, which means that you can create libraries that are specifically designated for different types of documents. This makes it much easier for users to arrange and organize documents correctly as well as to locate these documents whenever it is needed.

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