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Make Use of RSS Feeds

RSS can be utilized by webmasters to deliver their website content to the target audience in many creative and innovative ways. RSS web feeds generally contain the topic summarized in a very easy to understand format. Moreover, it does not burden the user to read the whole article in order to see if it was what they were interested in. The title and summarized information in RSS feeds usually gives the reader enough information to decide if he/she is interested in reading it further. This in turn brings in targeted unique traffic to each of your pages, instead of all the traffic coming through the homepage. In other words, RSS feeds greatly facilitate page-to-page traffic generation.

Anther attractive feature of RSS is its ability to deliver important updates directly to your visitors email. RSS feeds come with a subscription feature, whereby, your visitors sign up to have any new updates or articles alerts delivered to their email. If you manage to write a content that is of interest to your existing visitors, the email alert subscription would help in bringing back those visitors. Since your visitors always prefer to get access to the "information they need" in a least simple and fastest way possible, RSS feed subscription gives them the option to access their articles, updates or products of choice from a centralized and easy to access location; that being, email alerts.