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Will keyword research help in organic traffic


will the correct research make a difference between 100 visitors and 1000 visitors in organic results? which is the best research tool available do you use any niche finder tool can you recommend me one which you have tried ?

Absolutely. It makes all the difference. I should qualify that - it certainly depends on your market. But if you rank #1 vs #20 it makes a huge difference. Organic search provides you credibility - most people can tell the difference between ads and organic. Besides if you are ranking for something that is sort of like what you are offering you will get far fewer "buyers" than if you are ranking for the exact item/service you are selling. Consider your own search habits - are you not more likely to trust someone who ranks well for the exact topic you search on?

Remember to check out the long keyword phrases (often called "long tail" keywords) because

  1. people who use them are more likely to "purchase" (read, click, whatever you need them to do to make money) than those who search on shorter keywords.
  2. they are usually far easier to rank for than the shorter generic terms. ("old car parts" vs "1979 AMC gremlin taillight" - don't laugh, that baby served me well in college)
The only tool I use for keyword research is It pulls from a 25% sample size so you know that data is the most accurate out there. Just multiply the search volume by four and you now know how many US search occur in any given month.

NOTE: Tools like WordTracker, that pull from Dogpile and MetaCrawler, only represent .45% of all US searches, so it's hard to put much stock in those numbers.

Start with the most generic search for your term. If you focus on a certain type of widget, do a general lookup of "widgets" and/or "widget". Find all related search terms and drill into them even further. When you are done, you will have a comprehensive list that you can group into related keywords and then sort from highest search volume to lowest. This will give you a good idea of how to organize your website content and which phrases to focus on per page.

I hope this helps.
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