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Negative Keywords

When adding your keywords and phrases in Adwords in Google, you have some options from a 'broad match' to the highly specific 'exact match'. More of those tomorrow - today we're looking at negative keywords.

negative keywords will help filter out some of the traffic that you may not want. For example, if you're selling Computer Software, but you don't sell Mobile Software, you can make ‘Mobile Software’ a negative keyword. That way you won’t show your ad to a shopper looking for Mobile Software (which may help you save money).

Here are some tips and tricks to getting the most out of your Negative Keyword research:

>> Use a keyword database tools such as Trellian or Wordtracker.

>> Use the Negative Keyword tab of the Google Keyword Tool

>> If you are using Web Analytics reports study your organic keyword reports for new negative keyword.

>> The only difference is that you put a negative sign (–) before the word.

Most importantly, keep close watch on the source of your AdWords traffic and find out which one send to you traffic that convert into customers.

See full instructions for using the Negative Keywords tab.

Seo Tips By Deepak Shrivastava