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Importance of Title Tag

your ‘title tags‘ are what appears between in your blog’s templates. This title comes up at the top of your browser when viewing a page and comes up in search engine results as the title of your post. The main Useness of Title tag is

1. The title tag is one of the most important SEO tools in the toolbox.
2. It should describe the specific contents of the page, and be as unique as possible.
3. The title of your page is stored in the HEAD tag of your web page.
4. Changing the title tag is one if the easiest changes to improve page rankings.
5. This will be the title of the page that is shown by the Search Engines to the users.
6. Important things for the title tag to contain are Company names or Brand names or URL.
7. Other important things to include are keywords from the keywords meta tag that are. relevant to the page that fit naturally in the title.