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Create SEO Friendly Blog

Blogs have become one of the most effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. The number of blog sites spawning on a day-to-day basis is a clear indication of their relevance in the present Internet communication.

A blog can play an important role in optimizing the website. Earlier, blogs were considered as a means of expressing one’s opinion or exchange ideas, most often done in a causal way. But the recent changes that happened in the online communication have redefined the blogs as an effective tool of communication among a varied group of customers, businesses, and every individual under the earth.

To create SEO-friendly blogs, one has to take care of the following aspects.

· Relevant content

· Appropriate title

· Proper links

Blogs have got two functions to perform – firstly, it should Update regularly daily or wekly basis, and secondly, it should attract prospective visitors to the website. Both these functions can be achieved only if it is provided with appropriate contents. The search engine identifies the website mainly through the keywords used in it. This rule is applicable to blogs too. The blog, therefore, should contain appropriate number of keywords per total word count (keyword density).

The relevance of the content is another important factor, not only for the SEO purposes, but also for the business purpose. The information that you convey through the blogs should be effective and useful to the customers. It should not merely aim at SEO and thus focus only on the keywords.

The title is the identification code of the blog. Therefore, the title of the blog has to be named on the primary keyword/phrase. It would enable the search engines to trap them easily.

To reach to a blog, there should be proper links to it. The website should have outbound links to the blog; in return, the blog sites should contain links that direct them to the relevant website. This link exchange is another important method of improving the traffic of the website.

SEO-friendly blogs improve the traffic to the website, and it also attracts the viewers to it. The role of blogs in website marketing will continue to remain relevant for a very long time.

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