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Tips for Successful Blog

Tips for a Successful Blog

1. Posting New Blog Entries Regularly
2. Choose Good headline! for your posts
3. Get some deep Backlink

1) Posting New Blog Entries Regularly. At least once a week.In some cases it might be impossible for you to update your blog once a day or even once a week, however if you want to drive a lot of traffic to your blog and also generate some revenue you should make it one of the primary activities of your day.

2) Choose search engine friendly and Good headline! for your posts. While the first tip is something that most bloggers try to follow, this is one that many of them often forget about. Many of my articles are ranking on the first page of Google’s search results for certain keywords. I always try to repeat the keywords I’m using in the title also inside the content. This makes the title relevant to the content and makes the whole post search engine friendly. I also try to use terms that are not used by all the other bloggers. If you are going to write an article about “Adsense tips”, for example, don’t name it only “Best Adsense Tips” but use a more original title. Try to find some other relevant keywords you can easily insert in the title and repeat those keywords inside the content.

3) Get some Inbound links!. If you write interesting articles, other bloggers will link to your content and you will achieve some backlinks. These backlinks are very useful because they’re “deeplinks” (if another blogger writes about one of your articles, he will probably link to the article URL). To boost your search engine rankings you could also buy some links (with the anchor text you want to rank high) from websites that are content related to yours. Do not attempt to join “link farms” or even participate in reciprocal link exchanges.