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Keyword Frequecy

Keyword Frequecy

The number of occurences of a key word or phrase in a document.Keyword Frequency Denotes how often a keyword appears in a page or in an area of a page. In general, higher the number of times a keyword appears in a page, higher its search engine ranking. However, repeating a keyword too often in a page can lead to that page being penalized for spamming.

Keywords are the prime factor in optimization and since there could be lot of keywords for a webpage.Developers apply the most relevant search engine optimization tools to your website business. Part of this process involves proper Keyword Frequency.

Some SEO’s suggest that a keyword density of 5 – 7% for a single or two word keyword combo is ideal, but a simple way of tackling this issue is just to ensure that your most important phrases appear 3 or 4 times on a page for which you are optimising against that phrase.Also, do not try to “hide” text on your page and placing the text on the same colour as the background. Google and other SE can be penalized this process.

Search engine friendly algorithm that is chalked full of relevant keywords to ensure the user experience is exceptional. These techniques create more traffic which allows for a greater web presence. This web presence created by proper Keyword Frequency will most assuredly generate the traffic and business that you need to make the money you want.