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Benefit of Article Writing

Article writing is a favorite way of generating traffic. The more articles you write and submit to directories the more traffic and back links you will build for your site. Also article writing is a great way for you to learn about the subject you are writing about.
If you want to write about a subject and do not know too much about it, all you have to do is a little research before you write the article. After writing a few articles on the same subject you start to distinguish yourself as an expert in that area. That is a good shot to your credibility. Share your vital knowledge with the world and promote yourself, your products or services. I refer to Google often, since the search engine accounts for approximately 50 percent of search traffic
"Context" is the new buzzword for SEO in 2007.If you want to be ranked higher in the search engines, you should write content and link profiles that have supportive text and anchor text (links) using this "theme" approach.Writing an article that is topically related to your business and then submitting it to article directories
If you haven't pursued these simple tactics for your SEO strategies, you've been missing out on important traffic and business. There are a number of resources for traffic acquisition and how-to-books on building an internet presence.Outside of articles, press releases, SEO and pay-per-click, there are social networks, blogs, paid links, affiliate marketing, paid advertising, viral marketing, co-registration and banner ads--certainly enough to keep you busy for a while.
Seo Tips By Deepak Shrivastava

Types of Link Building

I always looks for tips on link building and am a fan of using new tips for links as part of the overall link building; There are plenty of links that can be built while doing online business; few of them are listed below:

i) Authority Link- It helps to get links directly from sources that would be considered trusted seed sites in algorithms like DMOZ, the Yahoo! Directory, and Wikipedia might be considered obvious authorities and trust seed sites.It can be done for good search engine ranking, increasing link popularity and attracting more traffic to self-owned website.

ii) Directory Link- It is the process of building a link with few well-known directories like Dmoz, Yahoo.dir, and in order to find niche directories.

iii) Reciprocal Link- It is the process of exchanging links based on some agreement between two trusted websites who shares the same business interest with an aim of increase website traffic and link popularity.

iv) One-Way Link- It is the process of link building where link is built with some website on their interest, without getting connected back to that website. It is also called inbound link, which is highly important for link popularity.

V) Press release links - Press releases are generally NOT a great way to get links, but you can pick up some that may be of value. Every little bit helps, and remember (again) this is only a small part of your overall link profile.

Vi) Article links - This can be a GREAT way to get some good authority links from high profile sites. They’ll appreciate great content in return for the exposure and link popularity you’ll receive. The better the site is, the higher quality content they will require. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Vii) RSS/ Blog aggregated links - Not worth a whole lot, but you’ll pick up a whole bunch of links this way. They’re “power” is minimal at best and highly debated. There are, however, plenty of legitimate sites that aggregate content where you may pick up some decent links.

Email Marketing Tips

If it’s good enough, the person tears open the envelope and begins reading. Then the headline/first paragraph of the letter must create the same effect- to keep the person reading.
There must be reasons to keep reading, usually in the form of some benefits. Because the person opened the mail, there is a free offer. Then, when reading the first paragraph, more benefits jump out; the value of the service or product, perhaps. Put in a good benefit with each paragraph and keep the paragraphs short!
Be explicit with your instructions. The letter must not only detail the great benefits, but tell the person exactly what they must do to obtain them. Be specific and make it easy to respond - including a postage-paid card or a toll-free number are usually great methods.
Don‘t offer benefits that aren‘t believable. Don‘t make promises you can‘t keep. The idea is not to make people skeptical, but to make them see the tangible benefits that you offer are valid. To this end, be specific. General terms usually provoke disbelief, while actual specifics are shown to have more honest-sounding appeal.
Understand the product or service yourself. Would you buy it? If so, why? If you understand why you‘d buy it, you can set about convincing people using those same thoughts.
Simplicity sells! Short sentences. Short paragraphs. Easy words. You‘re not out to win the Pulitzer Prize. You only want individuals to respond to your letter. They will if they understand the benefits of doing so. Keep it simple!
Convince the reader that the product or service being advertised is backed up by a strong company that guarantees the results and benefits detailed in the letter. Readers must be convinced of the authenticity and the ability to back up the strong comments within the letter.
Seo Tips By Deepak Shrivastava

Benifit of Directory Submission

Using directory submissions to get links to your website and gain visibility will usually give you permanent links and advertisement for your site. The benefit of this is that with only a small effort you can submit to the directories and then just sit there and enjoy the quality links and higher search engine rankings you get for your site.
Selecting the proper category should be stressed because it not only makes the directory editor’s job easier therefore speeding up your acceptance, but also the search engines will look at the various links that are next to you on the page you are listed on and if they are of a related theme to your own this can improve your rankings.
One of the most common restrictions imposed by directories has to do with the size of your title, description keywords. Before you begin submitting anywhere, sit down and take down a few properly-formulated descriptions that are 100, 150, 200, and 250 characters long. One of those four levels can usually get accepted in any web directory you come across.
People spend a great deal of money hiring SEO Consultants and submitting their sites to directories because they want free traffic coming to their site. Sometimes the free traffic completely replaces Pay Per Click marketing and other times people just use the free traffic to help supplement the pay per click marketing expenses.
One of the best reasons why Directory Submission is so powerful is the fact that some Featured Directory that charge a submission fee only charge it once and most provides free submission. So it’s very likely that 10 years from now you can still reap the benefits of being listed in that directory.
However let’s get back on topic here. Directory submission is one of the most powerful techniques in the SEO consultant’s corner. By hand submitting to directories, you get listed by directories that are run by real people. The search engines such as Google and Yahoo know that these directories hand approve people, and because of this, the major search engines consider links from directories to be “authority” links.

Benifits of Reciprocal Link Exchange

Reciprocal links are one of the most common and effective way of site promotion. Reciprocal links, they both benefit by sharing some traffic directly and getting noticed more favourably by the search engines.
The basic concept is simple - you link my site, I'll link yours and we'll both get an increase in traffic. I have exchanged many links in my web-based career.Reciprocal Links help you improve search engine ranking and generate more traffic to your site. The quality and quantity of reciprocal links with other web sites allows you to increase your link popularity.
Here are some tips from my experience ….

1) If you are at the beginning of promoting your site and want to see results soon, exchange links with popular and quality web sites. Don’t hesitate. Lots of popular web sites that are in another category of interest, maybe accept exchange link with you. It’s your decision …

2) Find the right site to do a Reciprocal Link Exchange These sites are normally in your website's category of interest, or sites that you feel your visitors might find interesting.

3) When you contact the webmaster of the other site, you should be kind. Tell him that you run a site that has a similar topic and describe your site a bit. Say that you like his site and have included a link to it in your site (give him the address of the page where the link is), then ask him to return the favour by linking to your site.

4) If you never get a reply or your proposal gets rejected, just forget it and find another site. Never be disappointed! There are a lot of webmasters who will exchange links with you.

5) Be patient! With hundreds of thousands of sites out there, it takes time and efforts to find and choose web sites for reciprocal links. Keep working.

6) If another webmaster asks you to exchange link, give an answer. If you deny, explain why. If you like the content of that web site then add the link. Every link is useful.

7) Prefer text links rather than graphics as this would be more search engine friendly.

8) Exchange as many Links as you can. Don’t be afraid to swap links with competitor websites. This is not going to hurt your business. World wide web is a huge area. Internet has space for everyone.

9) Don't remove your link without contacting the webmaster of the other site first. Some webmasters agree to exchange reciprocal links, add your link on their site and after a few days/weeks they remove it without noticing you. You should check the site of your partner every now to see if he's keeping his part of the deal. If he is not, contact the guy and kindly ask him to explain why your link has disappeared. If you don't get a satisfactory explanation, remove the link to his site from your site and find another partner.

Never forget …. The traffic that reciprocal links generate is FREE!!!

By:- Deepak Shrivastaava

My Favourate Links

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Classified Ads Worldwide

What do we think about a website that claims to serve 100% free classified ads worldwide?
Now anybody wants to take a dig at the newspaper – as we can think. He now wants to give people a way to sell things for costs lower than a standard classified ad. In fact he wants to give classified ad service at rate cheaper than any newspaper or magazine – thus born the concept of free classified ads website. No one can be cheaper than a free classifieds ad website.

Making it easy to buy and sell with a free classified ads website. Can be quite a daunting task, but this website now has people from all parts of USA, Canada And abroad buying and selling their automobiles, real estate property, vacuum, etc. Businesses also advertise job openings through the pages of Easy to Buy and Sell website.

The original idea guy soon gets support from his partners. Further brainstorming reveals most business failure is due to high costs of advertising. Businesses need to write checks (often hefty ones) to be included in directory listings and the pages of newspaper and magazines. Offering them a chance to advertise their business for free – that too is a great idea! An idea that lives only on the heads of its creators? Now things are different you see.

By:- Deepak Shrivastaava

High quality traffic through link popularity

The field of reciprocal link exchange is very large. And everything which is large has its advantages and pitfalls; to avoid pitfalls when exchanging reciprocal links with your online partners it is vital to know several big NO's of this procedure.
Do not think of automatic reciprocal link exchange as of simple link swap, because low-value link swap will not help you with ranking and real targeted traffic from search engine.
Your web site of ( Link Building Company) is your online business. Every link on your site is an official business contact exposure. You are ready to share traffic with this partner and you are sure that your site visitors are strongly motivated to learn more from getting to this site. Set the higher standards for your business, and this will push you up.

Some considerations for building high quality traffic through link popularity are as follows:
>>Only-Incoming (non-reciprocal) links
>>Links with relevant "Keywords".
>>Links from sites having a High PageRank
>>Links from Quality-relevant pages
>>No JavaScript links and through a "redirect" script
>>No links from 'framed' pages
>>No 'flash' embedded links
>>No Robots Tag excluded link pages
>>Avoid paid or time-bound links
>>Links spread over different domains with different IP's
>>No links from Link Farms
>>No links from FFA (Free-For-All) link networks
>>No links from Blogs and Blogspots
>>No links from pornographic , Gambling and other irrelevant site.

Thanks with best wishes
Seo Tips By Deepak Shrivastava

Top 10 Social Bookmark sites

Have you ever wondered wich is the biggest and most popular social bookmark site? I made a list based on unique monthly visitors, PageRank and Alexa Rank that will tell you wich social bookmark sites you should submit your articles too.
10 ) Newsvine
PageRank: 7
Monthly Unique Visitors: 104,117
Alexa Rank: 3,739
9 ) BlinkList
PageRank: 6
Monthly Unique Visitors: 146,858
Alexa Rank: 3,826
8 ) Fark
PageRank: 7
Monthly Unique Visitors: 212,274
Alexa Rank: 1,614
7 ) SlashDot
PageRank: 9
Monthly Unique Visitors: 282,967
Alexa Rank: 462
6 ) Reddit
PageRank: 7
Monthly Unique Visitors: 776,298
Alexa Rank: 838
5 ) StumbleUpon
PageRank: 8
Monthly Unique Visitors: 698,601
Alexa Rank: 316
4 )
PageRank: 8
Monthly Unique Visitors: 1,032,489
Alexa Rank: 201
3 ) Technorati
PageRank: 8
Monthly Unique Visitors: 3,563,581
Alexa Rank: 198
2 ) Netscape
PageRank: 9
Unique Monthly Visitors: 5,251,829
Alexa Rank: 562
1 ) Digg
PageRank: 8
Unique Monthly Visitors: 15,647,361
Alexa Rank: 91