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High quality traffic through link popularity

The field of reciprocal link exchange is very large. And everything which is large has its advantages and pitfalls; to avoid pitfalls when exchanging reciprocal links with your online partners it is vital to know several big NO's of this procedure.
Do not think of automatic reciprocal link exchange as of simple link swap, because low-value link swap will not help you with ranking and real targeted traffic from search engine.
Your web site of ( Link Building Company) is your online business. Every link on your site is an official business contact exposure. You are ready to share traffic with this partner and you are sure that your site visitors are strongly motivated to learn more from getting to this site. Set the higher standards for your business, and this will push you up.

Some considerations for building high quality traffic through link popularity are as follows:
>>Only-Incoming (non-reciprocal) links
>>Links with relevant "Keywords".
>>Links from sites having a High PageRank
>>Links from Quality-relevant pages
>>No JavaScript links and through a "redirect" script
>>No links from 'framed' pages
>>No 'flash' embedded links
>>No Robots Tag excluded link pages
>>Avoid paid or time-bound links
>>Links spread over different domains with different IP's
>>No links from Link Farms
>>No links from FFA (Free-For-All) link networks
>>No links from Blogs and Blogspots
>>No links from pornographic , Gambling and other irrelevant site.

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