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Benifit of Directory Submission

Using directory submissions to get links to your website and gain visibility will usually give you permanent links and advertisement for your site. The benefit of this is that with only a small effort you can submit to the directories and then just sit there and enjoy the quality links and higher search engine rankings you get for your site.
Selecting the proper category should be stressed because it not only makes the directory editor’s job easier therefore speeding up your acceptance, but also the search engines will look at the various links that are next to you on the page you are listed on and if they are of a related theme to your own this can improve your rankings.
One of the most common restrictions imposed by directories has to do with the size of your title, description keywords. Before you begin submitting anywhere, sit down and take down a few properly-formulated descriptions that are 100, 150, 200, and 250 characters long. One of those four levels can usually get accepted in any web directory you come across.
People spend a great deal of money hiring SEO Consultants and submitting their sites to directories because they want free traffic coming to their site. Sometimes the free traffic completely replaces Pay Per Click marketing and other times people just use the free traffic to help supplement the pay per click marketing expenses.
One of the best reasons why Directory Submission is so powerful is the fact that some Featured Directory that charge a submission fee only charge it once and most provides free submission. So it’s very likely that 10 years from now you can still reap the benefits of being listed in that directory.
However let’s get back on topic here. Directory submission is one of the most powerful techniques in the SEO consultant’s corner. By hand submitting to directories, you get listed by directories that are run by real people. The search engines such as Google and Yahoo know that these directories hand approve people, and because of this, the major search engines consider links from directories to be “authority” links.