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Media Temple: Snail-Paced Web Hosting

When website owners begin to research which web hosting UK company they are going to spend their money on they usually begin with the basics: how much disk space and bandwidth do you get for your money? What is their uptime guarantee, and how well do they manage to live up to it? What is their control panel like? However, it is also vitally important to check how fast page loading is on your web host. Slow loading times will harm your search engine rankings, and finding a good fast web host is an easy way of boosting your traffic.

Unfortunately fast loading speeds are something Media Temple have not managed to achieve. Sadly their slow speeds are not just limited to loading times – customers can also wait a long time for an answer to a query or for support when their site goes down. Their grid server form of shared hosting was launched in an attempt to combat slow shared hosting speeds whilst offering users the chance to grow their sites without hassle, but unfortunately their system has only led to a reduced page loading speed for customers and protracted periods of downtime that can last for days. In the increasingly competitive world of web hosting there is no reason why customers should put up with slow speeds when other hosts are offering so much more. Media Temple need to improve their performance if they are going to tempt customers back into the fold.