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A few possible ways to increase your cash flow include online bets, posting online commercial banners on your desktop or selling products via online bids. You can also consider implementing the online business of selling other people's products - being part of an affiliate program - but it may come to the disadvantage of not owning the copyrights, which will cut the possibility of permanent earnings from that product (e.g. a Mobile). Still, the best thing is to create your own product and to promote it online. Or you could just find someone who also wants to make money fast and getting them to promote the product for you.

Marketing is the key

Of the various internet marketing ideas, it's worth trying search engine marketing, e-mail marketing or affiliate marketing. Promoting a product through a search engine literally means increasing its visibility in the search engine result pages. For that, you need to know the most about the terms - keywords and keyphrases - that your target audience appeals to when using search engines. These are words your viewers type into the search engines' search forms and match the words on your site. Keywords and keyphrases can be seen as the building blocks of any search engine marketing strategy. It is extremely important that they are chosen carefully, or else the rest of the campaign, no matter how effective the implementation you might have thought it was, will probably be of no use.

Retain your existing clients

An unwritten law states that it costs less to engage an existing customer than to find a new one. In fact, acquiring new customers is usually three to six times the cost of retaining existing ones. If new customers contribute to sales growth, the process of acquisition is costly. You have to find, contact and familiarize with your products new customers, and that cuts away your profitability. On the other hand, old customers are the gift that keeps giving. Email marketing campaigns rely on two main objectives: getting direct response and developing relationships for customer retention. Customer acquisition is frequently the objective of B2C retailing campaigns, while customer retention is a major objective for B2B internet marketing.

Use affiliate programs

Making money with affiliate program is in fact offering jobs to those who get people to buy the products they want. You have to make sure your site is easy to spider and plan carefully the flow of Page Rank of your site. The content you post on the site should be real, unique and to reflect quality. Avoid building an ordinary site. Think out of the box. Make more money by using an affiliate program, instead of an affiliate network.

Directories In Seo Services

One of the most significant parts to run a search engine optimization campaign is linking. Well placed links helps a lot to push your website in the top of search engine rankings on your choice of keywords. There are many ways to get these links, but some of these ways are quite automated. Taking this significant advantage of your all aspects of link building campaign you can not only get your websites in the top of search engine rankings but also get benefited with the incoming links for your websites for a longer time.

Directory submissions are a source of one of the easiest form of linking in SEO Services . There are hundreds of directories available on the internet where you can post link to your site by submitting in these directories. Some directories are available free while some are paid. The paid directories charge either one time fee or recurring fee. It depends on you to decide on your website strategy whether to post in free directories or it is worth your cost to get submitted in some paid directories.

Submitting the website to the free directories also helps to increase your website ranking in search engines as well as getting listed in search engines like google, yahoo and msn. All these search engine give a lot of weight age to the many incoming links from these directories.

Moreover submitting to directories whether by free or paid submissions is an excellent way to get success in the search engine optimization efforts. Do not stop with a few directory submissions. Make it a point to do regular submissions so as to continuously improve on your rankings in search engines.

Using RSS Feeds for SEO

One of the most important factors of getting your web site noticed by the search engines is having lots of fresh keyword-rich text content on your site. Getting this has never been easier, thanks to RSS. RSS stands for “Rich Site Summary,” and it is a way for site owners to syndicate their site content to other sites, sharing headlines and article extracts. Because it is so easy to set up, RSS is often referred to as “Real Simple Syndication.”

RSS feeds provide a simple way to add keyword-rich content to your site that automatically updates itself on a weekly or even daily basis. You can easily add an RSS feed to your site that will continue to provide fresh content for as long as you keep it there, and this kind of dynamic, keyword-rich content will get your site noticed by the search engines. You would not want to create a site with nothing but RSS feeds, as this will get your site flagged as a spam site. However, you can set up a sidebar on your main site to display headlines relevant to the topic of your site next to your own original content, or you can create a “news” section of your site with 2-3 RSS feeds displaying headlines, forum threads, or blog entries on your site topic.

To display RSS feeds on your site, you will have to install software to your server and convert the pages where you would like to place the feeds to PHP. Don't worry-this is far easier than it sounds. The “Lesson Resources” section below includes information on a free and easy to use tool that will allow you to display feeds, as well as several sites where you can start looking for relevant feeds.

To display RSS feeds on your site, you will need to convert the pages where you will place the feeds to PHP. In popular HTML editors such as Dreamweaver, you can do this simply by changing the “.html” file extension to “.php”. It is possible to display RSS feeds as Java scripts within HTML pages, but you should avoid this as search engines can not currently read Java scripts. Although the Java scripts will display for human visitors, for the search engines it will be as if they don't exist.

Once you have converted the necessary pages to PHP, you will need to get software that will allow you to display the feeds. Gecko Tribe offers a very easy to use RSS to HTML converter called Carp (). They offer a free version that displays a small ad (“Newsfeed displayed by Carp”) under each feed you ad to your site. There is also a paid version which has more powerful features and doesn't include an ad. Follow their very simple instructions to install the software to your site server. At the end of the set up process, Carp will give you a short piece of code to paste into your PHP page. This includes a placeholder RSS feed URL.

Now that your site is ready to display RSS feeds, you will need to find some feeds relevant to your site. When you find the feeds you want to use, you simply need to copy the URL and use it to replace the placeholder feed URL created by Carp. The following sources will help you search the quickly growing number of feeds that are out there for the asking.

RSS Feed Search Engines
You can search for relevant RSS feeds by going to this search engines and doing searches

Bloglines ()
BlogPulse ()
Findory Blog Search ()
Gigablast Blog
Search ()
IceRocket Blog Search ()
Feedster ()
Technorati ()

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