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SEO TIPS to design Seo Friendly Website

If you are planning to design a search engine friendly website you need to take some important points into consideration. Designing your web site as per these SEO Tips and Guidelines will help your site in good ranking and efficient web promotion and also provide and easy crawling for the spiders.

What is SEO friendly website: - A search engine friendly web site is a web site rank well in the search engines and can be easily found in the search engines. In simple words it should be formatted and designed in way that provides easy understanding for user and easily indexed by the search engines.

Use Div Layers instead of HTML table: - use of div layer in palace of old html table is more search engine (SEO) friendly that provides and easy crawling to web spiders and crawlers.

Researching for the keywords: - Search for those targeted keywords search by the net surfer most. But keep in mind the traffic of these keywords. First try to search out least competitive keywords that are mostly searched out.

HTML as well as XML Site map: - Submit html sitemap as well as xml site map which enables visitors and web spiders to understand the changes you have made on your web site.

Validate web site pages: - Html and CSS validation is very essential for a search engine friendly website.

Remove any broken and dead link: - Remove deal or broker link from the web site as they reduces your web site credibility. These links are not goods for search engine friendly website.

Design a site that is seo friendly is not so complicated but you need to have good communication between content developer, graphic designer and SEO analyst as at the same time you have to give a special attention to the site's architecture Hope these Latest SEO Tips Tricks and Techniques will help you for Search Engine Optimization.



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