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Necessity of Deep Linking

Deep links can also avoid appearance of your pages in Google supplemental results. Link from another site tels Google spiders that it might be some useful information and it is better to keep this page in index and crawl more often. Moreover, deep links can help to crawl website deeper when some of your pages located more than 3-5 clicks away from the homepage.

What does all this mean in terms of design, optimization and submission? It means that one has to realize that people may well enter your site through the “side door” or the “back door” and you have to prepare accordingly.

How to get deep link:

1. Natural way by providing quality content.

2. E-mails to bloggers and other webmasters if your site is not popular enough.

3. Exchange links with webmasters.

4. Submission in social sites.

5. Write article and submit in article directories.

6. Post in forums. But try not to spam. Write real post which will benefit community, or answer someone question if it related to your inner page.

Remember, that if your site promoted well and often appear in top search engine results… you can build just 3-10 links to your inner pages and they can take top 10 positions with popular keywords moving away other niche websites who got hundereds links with this keyword. Take a look on Wikipedia as example.