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Google Bombing... Sorry, SEO...

What are Google bombs?

Google bombs are Internet pranks। Google heavily relies on the number and the type of links that point to a web site. If many web sites link with a special search term to a web site then the linked web site will get a top ranking on Google for that search term.
Some people abused this behavior of Google's ranking algorithm to get web sites to the top of the search results that normally shouldn't be there.

It works like this:

A webmaster decides that a web site should have a top Google ranking for a special search term. The webmaster links to the web site with that search term and asks all of his friends to also link to that web site with that special search term. His friends also link to the site and they ask their other friends to link with that search term to the web site, and so on.
Now that many different sites link to the web site with that search term, Google thinks that the web site must be very relevant for that search term.
Google Bombing is not only helpful for search engine marketing in the major search engine as Google but also in Yahoo and MSN.

Misuse of Google Bombing:

Each and every search engines have different strategies for search engine placements as per individual methodology. Google bombing may be useful for top search engine ranking but excess usage may also give disadvantages in search engine placement. This may get your website “Spam Black Listed “.