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Happy birthday Google

Now Google passed 9 yrs today and what a nine years it's been. From a startup to an entity paralleled only by Star Trek's Borg in information and influence. Let's take a brief look at how the past 9 years have gone shall we?
I had a friend of mine tell me in 1999, “Check out this site - You need it, it’s way faster than Yahoo! and you get results you are actually looking for.”
There are a lot of features in google like their email service through GMAIL, added documents and a calendar al a lot of features in google.
Google staretd his journey on 1996 not after 7 yrs Google is in the Top of searchengines list.

1996: Larry and Sergey begin work on the search Engine,
1998: Both guys Larry and Sergey raise investment and open Google’s first offices in California.
1999: Moves offices twice, first to Palo Alto, then to Googleplex, its current home in Mountain View, California. The beta label comes off in September of 1999.
2000: Partnership with Yahoo. Officially becomes the world’s largest search engine – it now has a lot of pages you can tell billlions-page index.
2001: Eric Schmidt joins Google. Then Google Images launched.
2002: Google News and Froogle launched.
2003: Google AdSense – a program that chooses advertising according to a web page’s content – is launched.
2004: Gmail is launched.
2005: Google Earth is launched.
2006: Google China, or, is launched. Google purchases also in this year.
2007: Google open Gmail to everyone.

I wishes Google a happy ninth birthday
Written by:-- Shipra Mishra

What is the Google Algorithm?

What is the Google Algorithm?

An algorithm is a mathematical equation that uses certain information from your website in order to define its rankings. If you're looking for a printout of the specific equation Google uses to rank sites and how much each factor is weighed, this is not the place to get it. The actual algorithm used by Google is a secret, and will stay that way for as long as they can keep it. Although the specifics of the algorithm are not released at all, Google patented the basics of their algorithm, which makes it easily accessible to the public. If you would like to view the patent in all its splendor, simply search in whatever search engine you would like for the phrase "Google Patent."

This is a general overview of the general things this algorithm searches for, written in plain English for the average webmaster. This guide will go over some of the things Google's spiders are looking for, and how to utilize this knowledge in order to boost your rankings on the Google search engine. Keep in mind that while this guide is written specifically for staying on Google's good side in regards to placement in their search engine, the same tactics are definitely portable to the other major search engines such as Yahoo and MSN. Although Google's algorithm is extremely complex compared to those of Yahoo and MSN many of the same strategies still apply.

So, how does it work?

Basically, when a Google spider, or robot, finds your site a number of things are taken into consideration. Not only does this spider search through the content and links on your page, cataloguing keywords, page titles and descriptions, backward links, and meta tags as it goes along, it even looks through your whois information. Whois information is the information provided through your hosting company on who exactly owns the website, including name, telephone number, email address, physical address, how long your site is registered for, and more. To check the whois information on your site, as well as others, visit and type in the URL of the site you are checking information on.

All of these are major factors (yes, including your physical address and name and the duration of your registration on a particular domain name) in the algorithm. Therefore, it is extremely important to optimize every single part of your site, visible or invisible to the common browser.

Danger from Link Farms

Free for All (FFA).

Most of this information comes straight from the SEO pros. Careful reading to the end virtually guarantees that you'll know what they know.

An FFA is a links page where anyone can add a link - quite similar to a link farm. Don't be fooled into listing your site on these or linking to them. Many programs will submit your link automatically, to hundreds of FFAs all over the web. Don't use these programs! The search engines will steer clear of your site for a long time if you do.

Who Should I Link To, and How?

Be very selective about your outbound links and your requests for inbound links, and avoid any site that's anything like a link farm. Look for websites that have similar subjects to yours, good rankings and good traffic. Depending on the topic, they might be hard to find - but then you should find it easier to rank highly in these topics.

Once you've found a few good sites, the next step is to email them and request a link. You should, of course, offer one in return. You will run into some opposition with this method and you will sometimes be ignored completely, but you should have a reasonable amount of success. We can't stress enough, though, that you should be careful about which sites you link to, and check your links regularly.

The Bottom Line.

Link farms are dangerous to your website and a complete waste of time. They can bring your business crashing down by getting you banned from the search engines. You should be concentrating on real marketing methods - even though they're not a 'quick fix', they can work if you give them some time.

There are many real ways to get traffic to your website, and using professional methods can give you a big increase in traffic. Using link farms and FFAs is a good way to get yourself nowhere fast.

Seo Tips By Deepak Shrivastava

Importnace of Organic SEO and Link Building

Organic SEO or search engine optimization is a slow and steady process. Achieving top rankings takes time and link building is a big part of that effort. If you are to have a successful web site and obtain high search engine rankings you will need quality relevant web sites linking to your web site. The amount and quality of links you need will depend on the competitiveness of the keyword phrases for which you are optimizing. More web masters are focusing on quantity and getting several links fast. This is bad because it can be seen as manipulating the search engines. Check the guidelines for the search engine you are trying to optimize for, this will give you a good idea of what and what not to do.

There are some easy ways to get permanent one way links Building. Directories are the best first step and may be all you need if your key word term is not competitive. They can also be a good source of relevant traffic. Directories are a human edited trusted link source, look for directories that have a good reputation and are well established. If you can, get listed in a niche directory to increase your relevance.

When obtaining links from other sites focus on the quality of the link. Is the page on topic and relevant to your site? What is the position of the link? Is it off to the side with a bunch of other sites? Does it look natural and like it belongs there? What is the anchor text of the link? These are the questions you need to ask yourself when optimizing off site links. Reciprocal links have some value, but with software that automates the process it seems to have gotten out of hand. Plus do you really want a link on these low quality directory pages? How much value do they add by linking to you?

Writing articles is another good way to get incoming links, plus you will gain traffic. There are several free web sites that you can submit articles to. The links are valuable on article pages because there are usually very few links on the page, plus the article will be relevant to your product or service offering.

Write a press release to announce your business, new service offerings, or any news that is important. You may end up getting several links, plus press releases are usually available for a long time on the internet.

Most Common Affiliate Mistakes

3 Most Common Affiliate Mistakes And How To Avoid Them!

Did you know that Affiliate marketing is the simplest and most powerful way of making money online? However, like all businesses, if you don't have the right knowledge then you could end up failing in affiliate marketing.

Mistake 1: Choosing the wrong affiliate.

People still believe in get rich quick schemes and affiliate marketing is no different. In their rush to be part of one, we have a tendency to make big mistakes. Joining a program that is hyped up without considering if the product appeals to us. This is not a very wise move.

Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, try choosing a product in which you have a passion for. Then do some research about that product to see if they are in demand. Promoting a product you are more passionate about is easier than promoting one to just make a few bucks.

Mistake 2: Joining too many affiliate programs.

Since affiliate programs are so easy to join, people are often tempted to join multiples of affiliate programs. This will quickly ruin your focus and you will be overwhelmed.We all want multiple sources of income but joining multiple programs and attempting to promote them all at the same time will prevent you from succeeding. The best way to get excellent results is by joining just one program that pays a 40% commission at least.

Then give it your best effort by promoting your products enthusiastically. When you start to make a reasonable profit, then you can move ahead and join a second affiliate program.

The technique is to do it slowly but surely. There is really no need to rush into things, especially with affiliate marketing. With the way things are going, the future is looking real bright and affiliate marketing will be here for years to come.

Mistake 3: Not buying the product or using the service.

As an affiliate, your goal is to sell something. For you to achieve this, you must be educated about the product or service. It is very difficult do this if you have not yourself tried these things out. Try the product or service personally first before you sign up as an affiliate to see if it is really delivering what it promises. If you have done so, then will be able to effectively communicate its advantages and disadvantages. Your customers will then feel the sincerity and truthfulness in you, which will result in sales.